DIY Chalkboard Fun for Kids

Chalkboards can be a lot of fun. They're perfect for any playroom, bedroom, or nursery design.  Chalkboards are so versatile that they make awesome room decor as well, it's up to you how you paint the wall or draw on the chalkboard. My husband and I decided to turn one wall in our son's room into a fun chalkboard art wall for the kids.  But chalkboards aren't just for walls, there are a lot of ways to do a DIY chalkboard project and it can be fairly easy. * This post includes Affiliate Links. Chalk Surface There are many cool…


DIY Non-Slip Socks

When our babies start to stand up, cruise, and learn to walk socks can become a slippery issue.I didn't like the idea of my kids being barefoot all the time so I adapted their socks to be non-slip.I expected to only do this for their learning-to-walk stages but we ended up loving it so much that I still do it.Toddlers are runners, and they're always distracted. Non-slip socks make our lives a little easier, especially if you have slippery floors.  * This post includes Affiliate Links. Every time I buy my toddlers new socks I cover my counter for a…

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