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My name is Paula and I am a stay-at-home mom of two fun kiddos. I’m both a boy mom and a girl mom!

Becoming A Mommy Blogger

I’m the type of person who will plan and think things through as much as possible, your typical over-thinker. And that has made a huge influence on my parenting. It can be a stressful toll but in most cases. But I also find it a blessing because I manage to problem solve a lot of situations with a lot of mental trial and error. I think it’s one of my best parenting qualities. 

Thanks Mommy Blog started out as a way to express myself and share my parenting experiences. But it soon became so much more than that. It became a way for me to help other struggling parents with parenting solutions, mom hacks, kids activities, and craft ideas.

Thanks Mommy Blog

About Me

I have a background in Architecture and, since becoming a parent, I’ve tried to displace my creative arts on different hobbies, like making computer graphics, coming up with creative parenting solutions, painting socks and onesies, and making various crafts with my kids.

My hobbies include singing, doing jigsaw puzzles, baking, designing, and trying to stay creative.

Thoughts on Motherhood

Motherhood is all-encompassing. It can bring so much love and joy. But it can also suck the life out of us and make us feel so much guilt. Every stage comes with many lessons for us to teach our children and for us to learn from them. As an over-thinker, I started blogging to share my experiences as a mom but also to expose the reality that we’re all just winging it because every child and every parent is different.

I’m constantly looking for inspiration and trying to better myself for my kids and I’m learning so many different things along the way. They make me a better person and hopefully I can do the same for them.

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