My name is Paula and I am a stay at home mom of two toddlers.

I love to express myself with words and I probably like coloring more than my kids do. My hobbies include singing, doing jigsaw puzzles, baking, designing and trying to stay creative.

I have a background in Architecture and since becoming a parent I’ve tried to displace my creative arts on different hobbies, like making computer graphics and painting onesies.

Thanks Mommy Blog became a project for me to help guide other new moms and current moms through any of my own personal experiences and struggles.

I’m the type of person who will plan and think things through as much as possible, your typical over-thinker. And that has made a huge influence on my parenting. It can be a stressful toll but in most cases I find it a blessing because I manage to problem solve a lot of minor and major situations with a lot of mental trial and error. I think it’s one of my best parenting qualities. 

I’m also very simple and budget friendly. There are so many decent free programs and activities available to us so why not make the most of them.

My husband goes to work every day and busts his butt out there so that our family of four (five if you include our dog) can live comfortably with all our little luxuries. I find it my job to pitch in on being as “cheap” as possible without compromising too much.

Children look up to their parents as role models, they think we know everything (which probably won’t last long) but the truth is, they’re teaching us every single day! 

Most children go through similar phases but every child is different, so you can imagine the amount of different scenarios in which us parents are left lost, clueless, and looking for answers. 

I’m constantly looking for inspiration and trying to better myself for my kids and I’m learning so many different things along the way. They make me a better person and hopefully I can do the same for them.