DIY Chalkboard Fun for Kids

Chalkboards can be a lot of fun. They’re perfect for any playroom, bedroom, or nursery design. 

Chalkboards are so versatile that they make awesome room decor as well, it’s up to you how you paint the wall or draw on the chalkboard.

My husband and I decided to turn one wall in our son’s room into a fun chalkboard art wall for the kids. 

But chalkboards aren’t just for walls, there are a lot of ways to do a DIY chalkboard project and it can be fairly easy.

Toddler Chalkboard Wall
Chalkboard Fun for Kids

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Chalk Surface

There are many cool ways to have a chalk surface for both adults and children to enjoy. The sizes are endless as well. Some of these ways include:

  • Sidewalk
  • Table
  • Easel
  • Framed board
  • Wall
  • Clipboard on-the-go
  • Labels

At our house, we painted one entire wall of our son’s room for our kids to enjoy. I often draw current things on there for them to help learn and identify and they enjoy scribbling their own art on there as well. 

how to make your own chalkboard

If you’re looking to do a DIY Chalk Board Wall, I’d recommend using this paint, they have black, green, and clear depending on your project. We used the black Chalkboard paint. You’ll need to do a few coats to get it just right. 

That’s it, pretty simple DIY if you can paint a wall.

For an added bonus, you can even try a magnetic primer, although reviews seem mixed. There’s also chalkboard contact paper and products for dry-erase projects. 

smaller & fun chalkboard products

If you’re not into the DIY project but still want to have fun with a chalk board, there’s some good ones out there.

Chalk Materials

When we first painted our wall, our kids were very little so we were concerned about our kids eating the chalk. Turns out there are edible chalk products out there made of vegetables (they’re just hard to find)!

As for cleanliness, I looked up some chalk holders to keep our hands a little bit cleaner and keep the thinner chalks from breaking.

I also found some pretty cool markers that are meant for chalk walls! They’re so much cleaner to write/draw with and look absolutely beautiful. 

The only downside to the ones I got is that sometimes the ink doesn’t come out, it takes a little shaking and extra effort, and sometimes even when cleaned off it shows a mild outline of your previous drawing.

Now that I’m looking into this I’m finding even cooler products I need to try out, like better markers and dustless chalk!!

Cleaning Materials

Because chalk releases a bunch of fine dust particles, it can sometimes be a pain to clean. 

Regular chalk erasers just spread the chalk dust around and leave your surface mildly white and dusty.

I’m a perfectionist so whenever I clean off our chalk wall I want it looking clean, meaning, completely black. I’ve looked into this quite a bit and the best solutions for me have been wet clothes or rags (never paper towels) and magic eraser sponges.

Some even said to use Coca Cola but that left our wall more sticky than ever and I’m still trying to get that off.

As for cleaning clothes, well that’s not really an issue because they wipe off and can be washed with the rest of the clothes.

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Fun Ways To Use Your Chalk Wall with kids

With an empty canvas, your options are limitless.

These are just some of many great ways to utilize your chalk wall with kids.

  • Monthly milestones
  • Measure their growth (they will erase it)
  • Draw their favorite characters
  • Draw seasonal designs
  • Scribble and be creative
  • Identify colors and shapes
  • Teach how to draw lines and shapes
  • Teach numbers and the alphabet
  • Teach sign language
  • Keep a calendar
  • To-do List of Activities
  • Chores checklist
  • Leave them love notes (or in symbols)

Since we have the full wall painted for chalk designing, I usually draw something more long-term on the top half of the wall. Things like patterns, characters, numbers and the alphabet. This way the kids have the freedom to do what they want with the bottom half.

Chalkboard Wall Art
Toddler Chalkboard
Toddlers Coloring on Chalkboard Wall
Kids Chalk Art

Lately, our son has been mentioning things in the past tense a lot but gets confused because he has absolutely no sense of time. Everything he says for things that happened earlier today, yesterday, or even a week or month before is “last year.” To the point where I have to explain to everyone that he says last year to everything and then he repeats me and says “everything is last year.” 

So I made a very neat calendar for him. Every night we go through the days of the week, discuss yesterday’s date, today’s date as we cross it off, and tomorrow’s date as we say goodnight. Hopefully it’ll give him a better sense of time (he’s mostly just excited to cross off the date) and learn more about numbers.

DIY Chalkboard for Kids

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I had no idea there were edible chalk products out there. Oh my gosh! This article was so thorough!! 🙂 We’ve wanted to convert a wall in our boys’ rooms for a while now. This article was inspiring and useful. I save it to come back to! Thank you so… Read more »

Lauren Jumrukovski

I love this idea so much! It looks beautiful and it’s fun! I also love how you include everything you will need here including supplies after-the-fact!


I love this idea. It has been on my mind to try it.


We love chalk board activities. It’s such an affordable and fun way for kids to be creative.


Excellent post. Great ideas for me to use with my little one. She loves to colour, so this will be right up her street. Thanks for the ideas.