How To Make A Baby Keepsake Your Child Will Treasure

We nurture our children inside the womb for nine months before getting to actually meet them. I remember the thrill and excitement of getting to see our baby for the first time via ultrasound. My husband and I came up with an idea for a baby keepsake that would go in our baby nursery and be a reminder of where our child came from.

How To Make A Baby Keepsake Your Child Will Treasure

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A Picture Says A Thousand Words

Everyone always imagines what their child will look like. My husband and I would joke about who our kid would look like most. It was so exciting to see a 3D image of our child’s face in ultrasound. We each saw familial resemblances and came up with a great idea.

How To Make The Ultimate Baby Keepsake

“A picture says a thousand words.” So why not take that ultrasound image and make into a keepsake with a side by side image of mom and dad as children.

Baby Keepsake

Step 1- Find Your Baby Pictures

Going through baby pictures can be fairly tedious because there’s usually a lot of them to go through but, boy, can they be fun. I recommend turning it into a special moment to reminisce with your partner, make it a date night! Go through each other’s piles of pictures and talk about different childhood memories.

We chose to pick toddler images of each other because my husband’s family lost a lot of their belongings when he was a baby.

Step 2- Find The Right Photo Frame

You’ll want to find a frame with three photo inserts or you can customize your own insert into a long frame.

Step 3- Print and Assemble

These days, most inkjet printers print high-quality photos or you can head over to your local store or pharmacy to get them printed. You may want to have the ultrasound image digitally scaled to match as well.

Put all your images together in the frame and hold back the tears.

Step 4- Showcase It

Designate the perfect spot on a wall or shelf of your home or nursery and admire it. You can even use it as decor for your baby shower (we did!)

Baby Keepsake
Baby Keepsake
Baby Keepsake

This baby shower was such a rush that I didn’t get the best pictures- oops!

A Baby Keepsake to Treasure

Your child will grow up fast but this keepsake will always be around to remind you of where it all started. They will also grow up to treasure this keepsake as they get older and keep it close to their hearts forever. I know I would.

what's your favorite childhood keepsake?

How To Make A Baby Keepsake Your Child Will Treasure

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September 8, 2019 11:19 am

What a great, simple idea. I love it

September 8, 2019 11:24 am

What a great idea! And I love how simple it is.

Jennifer Maune
September 10, 2019 4:46 pm

Love this! It’s such a great idea to create a keepsake for our kids to have when they are older. I love the “little man” sign!