Finding The Best Gifts For Four Year Olds

This summer, my oldest baby turned four- cue the tears! Inspired by my kids and their favorite things, this is a list of best gifts for four year olds.

As parents, we love to spoil our kids on their birthdays. Some of us like celebrating for a full week or month and some of us like giving them an awesome gift or experience we know they’ll love. 

I’m the type that does both or as much as possible. This year, we had three birthday celebrations between friends and family amongst the course of a week, each with a buttload of gifts- definitely spoiling this kid!

Finding The Best Gifts For Four Year Olds

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My boy has followed my footsteps in loving jigsaw puzzles and he’s gotten pretty advanced for his age. Puzzles are fantastic for kids to develop logic, problem solving and fine motor skills. 

We absolutely love the quality and color of the Crocodile Creek jigsaw puzzles.


We also love LEGOs around here and have been building our collection of Duplos, for toddlers, and the classics as well. With Toy Story 4’s recent release, our boy has been enjoying his new sets that much more.


STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and math. STEAM includes art and STREAM also includes reading and writing. STEM, STEAM, and STREAM are kinds of education that combine these areas of learning rather than separating by subject.

Being a SAHM mom, I like having a few toys that follow this sort of education so that my kids can learn and explore while playing. And they love being little creators too!

train set

All kids love trains! This train set comes with so many parts for customizing the tracks and train attachments. My husband and I have been enjoying this train set just as much as the kids. 


Kids enjoy playing dress up, mine are obsessed! So the top item on our birthday wish list this year was costumes and boy did they get a lot! I had to empty out their costume bin from the bookshelf into an entire dresser to make space. That three drawer dresser is now very full but has become the favorite playing spot for both my kids. 

outdoor play

Being summer, everyone wants to play outdoors. We already have a pool, water table, and several water play toys. My boy was gifted these awesome bubble gloves that really caught my attention. They’re very well made and make great bubbles!

face painting

With multiple birthday celebrations, we had one just for the kids of which we decided to offer some face painting. These crayon type face paint was fantastic, it was so easy to use, didn’t require drying, and were extremely colorful. The face painting was a hit!


Music is essential in life, maybe I’m biased but I absolutely love music. One of the best gifts my son got this year was this DJ station. He’s been really into music, wanting to play an instrument or dance, and lately it’s been DJ’ing. This little table is so cute, with a keyboard, buttons, little drum and symbols, recording microphone and record disc. It’s amazingly well done for a kids toy and my son is fascinated by it.


Wanting to be just like us, my boy loves having a watch. His Finding Nemo one broke early this year so he’s been wanting a new Spiderman one. He was so happy to show off his new watch to everyone and anyone around.


Being four means preschool– I’m not ready but he is excited. We already have his Skip Hop Zoo backpack that he loves, which fits quite a bit but is perfectly kid-sized. We’re only doing three hours a day but when he starts kindergarten next year, he’ll need to bring a good lunch box too. Divided bento box style lunch boxes are all the rage these days and for good reason!

what are your favorite 4 year old gifts?

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Finding The Best Gifts For 4 Year Olds

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