Personalized Gift for Children with Hooray Heroes

I just did something for the kids and I’m so excited to share it with you. I ordered a personalized book on It’s a book with their names and personalized characters to look just like them full of beautifully written and illustrated stories. This is a gift we’re going to treasure forever!

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Personalized Gift for Children with Hooray Heroes

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Making a Personalized Gift with Hooray Heroes

Hooray Heroes offer personalized books for one child or two. Ranging between a birthday story, imagining your child all grown up, or sibling adventures in poems or short stories. They even have options for twins.

Their website also has several free downloads, like personalized coloring book for each child or siblings, in the Special Features section.

With multiple book options for one child or siblings, I just knew the sibling adventures was perfect for my kiddos.

Customizing the characters was so easy. All it required was selecting the sex of the child, typing my child’s name, changing the hair and eye color as well as skin tone and hair type.

Selecting the stories took time though. The website provides several stories you have to select 15 of them. They’re all so cute and so creative that I spent hours reading each one in the preview. It already showed the illustrations of my children and their names in the text of the stories.

I even got to add a little personal dedication.

Shipping was also very quick. Once I submitted the order, I had my book in about a week.

Empowering and Creative

Hooray Heroes has the goal to empower kids through personal stories and by making them the heroes of their own personal stories. With sweet and creative stories such as going on a pirate adventure to find treasure or helping each other out when they’re scared of “monsters” in the dark.

My kids love dressing up and running around the house in costume, sometimes in superhero capes, and pretending to save each other from monsters and bad guys. This personalized gift is absolutely perfect for my two little heroes.

Personalized Gift for Children with Hooray Heroes
Personalized Gift for Children with Hooray Heroes


I’m absolutely in love with this book. I’ve been showing it off to all my family members and anticipated showing my kids at the right moment. We sat down together and I showed them the cover, pointing out their names and their own little characters. They loved it! We can’t wait to go through all the stories over and over again within the next several years. It’s something I’m going to always treasure and protect.

As an added bonus, Hooray Heroes provided a discount code for my followers. You can get 15% if you use my code RAINBOWS15. I hope you guys love it as much as we do!

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Personalized Gift for Children with Hooray Heroes

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