Baby & Toddler Water Gear

It’s Summertime, which means most of us are trying to survive this heat by spending time by the pool or water. Here are some Baby and Toddler Essentials for pool and water activities.


You can find baby & toddler sizes for swimwear anywhere you buy children’s clothing, however I personally prefer ones with more coverage so I opt for rash guards. My daughter has very white and sensitive skin so her first bathing suit covered from her neck to her ankles. You can still find these, with our without hoods, for toddlers and young children but they also sell t-shirt, long sleeve shirts or sets as well for both boys and girls.

Here are a few from Target and Amazon that I like or have purchased.
Target swimwear is currently BOGO 50%

Now that my daughter doesn’t fit into “baby” sizes anymore but still has white and sensitive skin I had to find her a new bathing suit that covered the legs too on certain days. We really like Target swimwear and used to have the one piece fish swimsuit above when she was a baby so I recently purchased her the only similar kind at Target (a size bigger so it would last) and fell in love! She gets sunburnt very easily and has developed a few dry rashes on her skin from sun exposure so this will help. Here’s the link and a picture of my little lady wearing her new swimsuit.

Pool Floats

Sometimes we don’t want to be constantly holding our infants in the water so using a float is always nice for us as well as for our children. Most baby floats come with a shading cover above as well. These usually work for babies 6 months-18 months depending on the product. Rarely you will find one for 2-3 year olds but I was gifted a The Swim Academy 5-Piece Learn-to-Swim Set which included one perfect for my older toddler of 3 years old (the yellow float in the picture below). Another great option for toddlers are specially designed life jackets and swim vests in the next section.

Life Jackets or Trainer Vests

Most Toddlers don’t want to be stuck on a baby float and want to swim independently. Regardless of their swimming abilities, a life jacket or trainer vest holds a lot of benefits for general security and can be removed when teaching a child how to swim without them. As you can see below, there are several different kinds, some that are built into swimsuits and others that can be worn over swimsuits. With these we have the peace of mind of watching our child float on their own in the pool or other body of water without having to hold them the whole time, while still supervising. My toddler loves his new independence using these!

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Swim Diapers

Swim diapers are sold as reusable fabric or disposable (Huggies Little Swimmers & Pampers Splashers are the most common). For the disposable ones, the difference between these and regular diapers is that they won’t swell when wet and can be easily removed with tearable sides. I would occasionally let my toddler go in the water in his regular diaper and everything was fine but after a good while it inflated so much that the back of the diaper burst and he ended up with a little bit of skin irritation, I’ve never had any issues with the disposable swim diapers however.


Sunscreen is the most essential item of this list! I love rash guards and protective swimsuits to not have to worry as much about sunscreen on the major parts of the body but I ALWAYS apply sunscreen on my kids faces, ears, and neck at least. Babies have extremely sensitive skins and you do not want to take that risk. The younger that child is, the higher you’ll want that SPF number (usually 50). Remember to apply just before and reapplying as needed (every few hours). Here’s a few good ones:

Water Tables

Water Tables are a load of fun, they’re so refreshing for the little ones and come with little toys and accessories as well. There are tons of different water tables out there, theses are just two kinds from Step2. It’s a lot of fun, and you can put it pretty much anywhere. If you have a patio, lawn, or even garage you just add some water with a hose or bucket and sit down while the kids have hours of fun. I managed to rack up enough points from Pampers Rewards in two years to get one of these for my kids shipped to me in 4 weeks. Amazon offers them for a pretty good price and with Amazon Prime shipping. Amazon affiliate inks are captioned per picture.


Toys are always ideal for extended entertainment of water play, whether with a water table or swimming. Kiddos seem to love anything that can hold or drain water, they also love spoons and squirt toys. At our house, our collection of these toys are a mixture of beach toys, water play toys, and bath toys because they’re useful for all of these and I have two kids who fight over the same toys. Kids also love bubbles and sprinklers, just check the water temperature before to prevent any serious burns from the heat.

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Here’s a few interesting ones:

Additional Tips:

  • Minimize sun exposure to avoid heat strokes
  • Keep those kiddos hydrated
  • Use sunscreen and reapply as needed
  • Check water temperatures, especially in hoses, to avoid burns as well as cold waters, which reduce body temperatures
  • Floats and life vests should not be a substitute for supervision
  • Follow basic water safety guidelines (ex. no running near the pool)
  • Have the latest knowledge on CPR in case of emergency
  • Be aware of Secondary Drowning symptoms if your child has a near-drowning accident (troubled breathing, extreme fatigue or lethargy, coughing or sudden changes in behavior)
  • Stray away from lightning, check the weather forecasts
  • Keep a phone nearby in case of emergency needs

The list can go on forever. Be smart and cautious, but best of all, have fun!

Happy Summer everyone!

Check out my Idea List of these items on Amazon.


What are your kids' favorite Water Gear Items or Water Toys?

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July 13, 2018 8:59 am

This is brilliant timing. i was just thinking this morning that I need to get my son some floaties

July 13, 2018 11:06 am

What a fun list for summer fun! I wish they had some of these items when my boys were smaller. I’d love the chance to try a few of these out! 😉

July 13, 2018 12:04 pm

My toddler LOVES his watertable! Will be sure to try out some other suggestions as well! 🙂

July 13, 2018 8:09 pm

The water tables!!! I need!
How cool are those!