Super Simple Valentine’s Day Dot Sticker Activities for Toddlers

It’s crazy how quickly we overthink the simple materials that can actually be so entertaining and used for educational purposes. Dot sticker activities are exciting for toddlers, preschoolers, and big kids too! This dot sticker activity was very simple for me to set up for my 4 year old and it made her so happy.

Super Simple Valentine's Day Dot Sticker Activities for Toddlers

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Homeschooling with Multiple Kids is Exhausting

Like a lot of moms these days, we’ve been doing virtual schooling and homeschooling, and let me tell you, it’s exhausting!

My son has classes on Zoom in the mornings and then I sit with him to go through the lessons, work on assignments, quizzes, and exams. We’ve been managing pretty well between the two of us but it’s been taking away from my time with my youngest, who isn’t in school yet.

So I’ve been trying to keep her happy by doing simple little activities that help her work on her developmental skills. She was thrilled to have something just for her that she could do independently.

Benefits of Dot Sticker Activities for My Toddlers

This simple dot sticker activity kept my little girl busy and entertained, while practicing her fine motor, counting skills, and letter recognition. It’s a well-rounded activity that can be done over and over again. And of course, with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I gave it a little theme.

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Super Simple Valentine's Day Dot Sticker Activities for Toddlers

What You Need

Like I said, it’s a very simple setup.

You’ll need paper. I cut a piece of brown craft paper from the dollar store but white works even better. This white roll from our kid’s art easel works great!

To attach the paper to the wall, or kitchen island in our case, you’ll need tape. I abuse painters tape for everything because it doesn’t damage walls when pulled off, after all, that’s what it’s meant for!

For the outlines, you’ll need a thick marker, or sharpie. I actually used my Prismacolor markers from my Architecture days to add a bit of pizzaz.

And of course, you need stickers. We opted for dot stickers because they’re standard and can be used for so many different kinds of activities.

Setting Up Dot Sticker Activities for Toddlers

The setup is pretty obvious. I cut a piece of craft paper, wrote on it with marker, taped it up, and handed my kid the dot stickers.

But there are so many other kinds of dot sticker activities you can do with your kiddos.

From tracing the alphabet, to their names, different line types, shapes, and objects. Stickers can be placed directly on the outlines for practicing fine motor skills or within shapes to practice color sorting. That’s what makes it so adaptable for multiple ages. Just have fun with it!

Super Simple Valentine's Day Dot Sticker Activities for Toddlers
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