The Truth About Tinkergarten, Our Favorite Mommy and Me Activity

We recently discovered Tinkergarten and have fallen in love. Tinkergarten is a program for educating children in the natural environment through outdoor play-based activities.

Initially, I signed up for a free trial class with the kids and it was so much fun. It was wonderful being part of a tight-knit community, getting dirty and exploring nature with the well-designed activities. 

So we signed up for Tinkergarten’s summer session. At our first class, I started to realize how much we are benefiting as a family from this program.

The Truth About Tinkergarten, Our Favorite Mommy and Me Activity

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How Does It Work?

Tinkergarten is broken up into a set of seasonal weekly classes. It is aimed at children between the ages of 6 months to 8 years, so it’s perfect for all families.

Because Tinkergarten is a national and growing program, you may find several classes in your area to choose from. Classes are set in quiet natural locations within your community, with plenty of natural elements and shade.

Each season has a theme and a skill, from which you can earn and collect badges. This summer the theme is camping and the skill is communication.

What Are Tinkergarten Classes Like?

Each lesson is designed with activities to “develop a range of essential physical, cognitive and social-emotional skills.” Instructors inspire children during the activities through wonder and using their senses.

With camping being this summer’s theme, the main activity of our first class was to build a fire. To build the fire, we all collected wood and built a safety circle around the fire. Then we “roasted marshmallows” made of play dough. We even got to “put out” the fire by sprinkling dirt we collected in little buckets.

What Are The Benefits of Tinkergarten?

Tinkergarten classes are aimed at opening up a sense of wonder and exploration and for growing several skills.

Classes are prepared but are also very child-led. Instructors give each child an opportunity to participate in deciding how to proceed with the activities. This helps children build that sense of wonder and skills like communication, empathy, resilience, creativity, problem-solving, collaboration, etc.

From attending just two classes, I’ve seen a difference in both my kids and in myself.

My four-year-old gets to explore his creativity and social skills, his two strong suits, as well as expand on others. And my two-year-old is beginning to become more comfortable with her social skills and collaboration, her two current weak points. I’m also learning different approaches to teaching and parenting as well as new activities to try at home for a good time with the kids.

Want To Know More?

You can find classes near you on their website. If you want to sign up, you can get an extra $15 using my discount code paulaf9c89.

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