Mom Stuff That Will Make Your Life With Two Under Two Easier

Women are pros at multitasking so, of course, we can handle two kids, but sometimes we need a little help. Being a mom of multiples, particularly two under two, is exhausting. That’s why I’ve put together this awesome list of ‘mom stuff’ to make motherhood a little easier.

Mom Stuff That Will Make Your Life With Two Under Two Easier

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For Mom

Parenting two under two is no walk in the park. There will be some difficulties in adapting to different daily routines and a massive shift in time management. You will be exhausted but full of love. If you find time to sleep, do it! If someone offers to help, take it! It will help your sanity. A little rest will give you that refresh that you need.

Other than that, you may want to get a few extra things to help you through this phase.

We all know mom brain by now. Staying hydrated is one of the best ways to fuel the mind. As a mom though, it’s hard to keep track of your water intake. A ‘punny’  water bottle to remind you should do the trick. You might even want a mom fuel tumbler for your coffee.

Moms do a lot of standing, and our feet and back suffer from it. Get yourself these ‘recovery’ sandals to wear out or just at home. You’ll feel like you’re bouncing on a cloud.

Our bodies change a lot thanks to motherhood. My favorite ‘momwear’ is athletic wear because it’s comfortable and adapts with our changing bodies. Athletic leggings with pockets and a loose comfy top will fit me whether I’m postpartum, trying to lose weight, or dealing with IBS or menstrual bloat. 

One more thing every mom needs is photo storage. We don’t realize how quickly we fill up our phone with dozens of pictures and videos of our little ones. I like to keep my photos organized and backed up on the Cloud, simply because it is more convenient. You may opt for a secondary backup on an external hard drive. Some people also like creating photo albums of specific events or just to capture memories each year using services like Shutterfly or Mixbook.

For Keeping Baby Cozy And Entertained

Things that keep your baby cozy and entertained is mom-life-saving stuff.

First-time parents are terrified of babies and think they will be all-consuming. Sure, you’re compromising sleep and constantly feeding, burping, and trying to put it to sleep. But there’s a lot of time in which a baby can be laying there, awake or asleep, without truly needing your full attention or to be held (hopefully).

So put that baby down whenever you can and make sure you have some of the essential baby comfort and entertainment items so you can have your hands free.

Comfort-wise, footed pajamas and muslin swaddles make life easier. That baby will be covered and cozy. Depending on the age of your growing baby, things like swings, bouncers, a portable crib or a playpen will really come in handy.

Entertainment wise, babies don’t usually need a lot of toys but you may want to find a few things that get your child’s attention. Simple things or baby-geared toys that make a soft sound or have cool colors will keep them interested for a while. This could be your keys (although toy keys might be safer) or a couple baby rattles and shakers, sensory toys and sensory books, and teething toys (you’ll definitely want those for a while!) 

Mom Stuff

For Keeping Your Toddler Busy

Sometimes the toddler is the more difficult child at this stage. The baby can nap or be calm in a bouncer, rocker, or napper but the toddler wants to play with mommy and burn some energy. The problem arises when it’s time to feed the baby– mommy has her hands full and becomes helpless when she can’t entertain her toddler.

I’ve turned to screen time so many times just to keep my toddler to stay still or calm and quiet. There’s nothing truly wrong with screen time for kids as long as you monitor it but there are a lot of fantastic activities and products out there for quiet or independent play. We can still call it ‘mom stuff’ even though it’s directed at toddlers because it gives mom some quiet, even if it’s to find time for a shower while they’re awake. How else are you going to “sleep while the baby sleeps?”

Some of the best ways to keep your toddler busy while you’re caring for the baby, cooking, or even trying to do housework (other than having them help you) is to encourage independent playtime.

Anything that requires creative thinking is perfect for independent playtime. Coloring activities, building toys, and puzzles are go-to favorites.

For Easing Parenthood

Mom Stuff Life Savers

We’re always looking for shortcuts in life that can get us the same result. Things like how to prepare a meal for the family when you don’t have the time, finding the right hidden-veggie recipe, getting groceries or errands done with two kids, getting your kid to fall asleep faster, or even shortcuts for healing colds and injuries.

Ordering delivery, meal planning, and stocking up on freezer meals are easy ways to get food on the table when you’re too busy, tired or stressed to cook.

Along with freezers, Slow Cookers, Air Fryers, and Instant Pots are new and popular ways to prepare family dinners for saving time or meal planning.

Shopping online, for pickup or delivery, will save you time and stress. Wearing your youngest will help you survive when outing with both.

Things like Essential Oil Diffusers are gaining popularity for healing colds, headaches, and even maintaining focus. Frida products, like the Nose Frida, are equally as successful at makings things just a tad easier, smoother, and more sanitary.

And what parent doesn’t need a good coffee machine, with a built-in milk frother, so you can look like a pro and stay energized for your kids?

Mom Stuff with the Kids

Obviously, you’ll need a diaper bag. However, you’ll want to be handsfree so opt for a lightweight backpack that can fit all your needs for you and the littles.

You probably already have a baby monitor on your list. I highly recommend the Nest Cam for each child, you can easily check on any of your mobile devices and see multiple rooms at the same time.

For a mom of two under two, I highly recommend investing in a good double stroller. Depending on your lifestyle and where you live, that stroller might be how you do groceries, shopping at the mall, your way of going for long walks with the kids, and perfect for trips to the zoo or a theme park– hello Disney World!

A baby carrier or wrap is also a mom, and dad, life-saver! If you’re opting out of a double stroller, you must get a carrier!

Mom Stuff That Will Make Your Life With Two Under Two Easier


Moms have been getting by for thousands of years however they can. It does take a village, whether it’s a physical village of people or a village of tools that help us manage SAHM life of two under two– we all need some kind of help.

My son was just 15 months old when my daughter was born. I worried about jealousy, my time management for daily chores, having quality time between each of my children, having time for my husband, and figuring out how to balance everything together.

I was happily surprised when my son’s first reaction to the baby was to pet her gently. And it stayed that way, he was in love with her from the very start and my heart grew not only for my new baby for my apparently baby-loving toddler.

With a newborn, you tend to hibernate at home for the first few months to prevent your fragile infant from getting sick. It’s not easy when you also have a toddler that needs to burn energy and you’re very low on that. Being a SAHM of two under two is no easy feat but there are always little things that can help us all get through it.

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Mom Stuff That Will Make Your Life With Two Under Two Easier

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