Recording Bump By Week Photos Was The Best Decision

Being pregnant comes with so much excitement. You go through many amazing physical and emotional changes. Nine months seems like a long time to grow a child but then you feel like it passed very quickly. That’s why it’s so important to record an expecting mother’s process with bump by week photos.

Recording Bump By Week Photos Was The Best Decision

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Our Bump By Week

My husband and I aren’t much for professional photography. Personally, I don’t love being photographed. I feel awkward in front of a camera but I tend to forget things easily so I treasure each photo as a memory.

With our first baby I wanted to do something and decided to take bump by week photos to record our pregnancy. 

Since I knew I’d be growing more each week, I picked a loose outfit that would showcase my bump and grow with me. I didn’t do anything extra when it came to our set up and I’m no good at posing for the camera so we simply snapped a shot of me with our dog. After the first photo, we decided to make each one as similar as possible, our dog being an important aspect of the weekly sequence.

Our photos are very casual but they came out really cute. I saved them for a spread on a baby book I made later on Shutterfly, celebrating my pregnancy and birth of our first child.

bump by week

Looking Back on our Bump By Week Sequence

Looking back at my bump by week photos, I feel honored and proud. They are mine. I grew that baby. 

I endured 41 weeks of pregnancy with so much nausea within the first trimester and intense heat throughout the last trimester. My body endured a long labor and a c-section.

Looking back at these pictures I see this stranger. Who had no idea what it would be like to care for a baby, who couldn’t imagine being a parent, and who was just so innocent. I see this young stranger, with less stretch marks, less scars, and beautiful hair (it’s changed a lot since). And also this young stranger who had no idea what was really in store and how much fuller her life was about to become. 

I honor the bravery of my past self. It’s a reminder of how big that belly really was and how it felt compared to the child that came out of it later. 

Those ‘9 months’ of pregnancy put me through some horrible and wonderful moments. Every time I look back at these, I’m in shock at our natural abilities to grow a child within our bodies and birth them into real live little humans.

It’s a crazy journey.

How did you / how do you plan on recording your pregnancies?

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Ari Salas
April 30, 2019 6:02 pm

It’s amazing how our bodies change to give life. Your sequence is very beautiful. I did something similar and have it now on my baby’s Room. It’s a treasure for me and for her as well.