Baby Bump Photo Sequence

When you’re expecting a child everything is very exciting and you cannot wait to meet your child and start a new journey of life. 

It takes a long time to grow a child but its also a beautiful process. Most parents like to take professional photoshoots at the beginning and end of the pregnancy as well as after the baby is born.

My husband and I aren’t much for professional photography but with our first I did try to do my own baby bump photo sequence throughout the whole process. 

I got into the same outfit each time (I made sure to pick something that would be loose at first and could stretch with me) and had my husband take the picture with our dog. 

It’s very casual but came out really cute. I saved these for a spread on a baby book I made later on Shutterfly celebrating the pregnancy and birth of our first child.

I don’t love being photographed, I felt awkward but I treasure these photos. They are mine. I grew that baby. 

I endured 41 weeks of pregnancy with so much nausea the first trimester and intense heat the last trimester. I went through a long labor that ended differently than expected but I finally got to meet my baby and it was an amazing journey. 

I look back at these pictures and I see this stranger, who had no idea what it would be like to care for a baby, who couldn’t imagine being a parent, who was just so innocent. Also who had a great body that would never go back to what it was before, or hair as pure as before either (I now have to color away the whites). 

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I honor the bravery of this person and remember how big that belly really was and felt compared to the child that came out of it later. 

Those “9 months” of pregnancy had me in some horrible and some wonderful moments. I am still in shock at our natural abilities to grow a child within our bodies and birth them into real live little humans.


How did you / how do you plan on recording your pregnancies?

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Ari Salas
April 30, 2019 6:02 pm

It’s amazing how our bodies change to give life. Your sequence is very beautiful. I did something similar and have it now on my baby’s Room. It’s a treasure for me and for her as well.