15 Surprising Things Moms Actually Hate Hearing

Motherhood is an exciting experience. Nearby friends and strangers love to approach mothers and their children but moms hate hearing the same things.

We all know that motherhood is both exhausting and amazing, which entices everyone around us to say something about it and make us uncomfortable. People love to give their opinions and unnecessary feedback at all times without realizing how often moms hate hearing it.

15 Surprising Things Moms Actually Hate Hearing

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We're All Guilty

I’ll admit that I think we’re all guilty of saying something to a mom that she probably didn’t need to hear for the millionth time.

You don’t fully realize it until you become a parent yourself. And even when you already are, you catch yourself saying things to other parents that you wouldn’t love hearing either. Especially when you see a mom with a different lifestyle. Like a mom of 2 or 6 kids because you struggle to picture yourself chasing clones of your current child and it seems unimaginable.

15 Surprising Things Moms Actually Hate Hearing

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15 Surprising Things Moms Actually Hate Hearing

Moms hate hearing the same things over and over again. Most comments or questions aren’t even intended in a negative way but we’re just exhausted from the lack of sleep, minimal adult conversations, and all the things that we never get done to want to sit through repetitive conversations.

Mama bear comes out with her claws out ready to pounce at the next stupid comment.

"You look like a mom."

Please tell me, what the heck does a mom look like?

"I'm great with kids."

I’m sure you are. When they’re not yours.

"Are you going to have more kids?"

Am I? Are you? Does it really matter to you if I do or not? Let me just live my life one day at a time okay. Please answer all my philosophical life questions.

"I love babies."

Cool. Wanna babysit from 9pm-9am?

"You look tired."

No way! Could it be because I managed to get an intermittent full hour of sleep between my toddler wetting the bed and nursing and soothing my infant?

"You have your hands full."

Yes, and I only have two hands.

"I don't know how you do it!"

Yeah me neither. But honestly, I only have two kids, I don’t know how moms of 3+ do it and I’m sure they’re tired of hearing it too.

"They grow up so fast."

Yup. True. Facts. Need coffee!

"Enjoy them while they're young."

Kinda hard with the whole not sleeping thing…

"Just wait until...they start crawling/walking/their teen years."

Yup. Ok. Thanks for that helpful advice.

"It gets better."

Something moms all want to believe, but ironically, are also kind of sick of hearing.

"Does your baby sleep through the night?"

Oh, I’m sorry, you get to wake up at noon. Yea I’m a mom, I don’t really sleep. Wait, what was the question again?

"Are you feeding them? Are you sure they're eating enough/not eating too much?"

No, I’m not starving or stuffing my child. Yes, my child eats however they feel they need. What about you? You don’t look so good, could be my blurred vision though. Are you eating too much/too little?

"Omg, he/she is so small/huge."

My child is perfect, okay! You’re too … back off!

"It's been a while, let's get together sometime..."

Oh, yea? When exactly? — Oh wait, that’s not just a mom thing, that’s an adulting thing. You gonna babysit my kids so I can get a little me time?

What Do You Hate Hearing As A Mom?

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Emily | The Multitasking Mom
July 26, 2019 11:55 am

I have been a mom for 6 years and I’m still wondering what’s mom looks like, lol

July 31, 2019 7:57 am

I always hear “so you trying for the girl?” Or “were you trying for a girl?” What about, “Oh wow, you’re outnumbered!” Yes. Yes, I know I am living with 7 males in my home and I am the only female. Good thing I never really dreamed of having a… Read more »

Jamie | Effortless Momma
September 21, 2019 4:00 pm

Yes! Love this post. I had a lady tell me I looked “so worn out” the other day. I was like .. yep… I have a nursing 7 month old who still wakes up at night. Oh… And not to mention Homeschooling 4 other children. 😂 And the whole “How… Read more »