Yarn Ghost Craft For Cute Halloween Decor, Easy How To Guide

Halloween is definitely my favorite holiday. I love all the cute Halloween decor, the creativity in the air, and the fact that winter holidays are just around the corner. One of my favorite things to do during the Halloween season is to craft and DIY. This year I made this yarn ghost craft for the first time and loved it so much I couldn’t stop. It looked great as a garland but even better within my existing home decor.

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Yarn Ghost Craft for Cute Halloween Decor

Yarn Ghost Craft Materials:


How To Make A Yarn Ghost Craft

Below you’ll find written step-by-step instructions on how to make a yarn ghost craft with some pictures. I’ve also shared a few videos on how to make it (Reel and Pin).

Step 1: Tape String to Book

Cut a short piece of string, approx 4-6 inches or the length of your choice. Tape it to the binding of your book.

Step 2: Wrap Yarn Around Book

Place the end of your yarn at the end of the book, centered and opposite to the binding, and begin to wrap the yarn around the book. Wrap it approximately 80 times or your desired amount.

The more times you wrap it, the more dangly and fluffy it will be. If you don’t wrap it enough times, it will be bare.

Using a hardcover book is a hack that helps to speed up the process of measuring and aligning multiple pieces of yarn, especially if you plan on making multiple yarn ghosts. If you do not have a book, you can manually cut pieces at approximately 10-12 inches long.

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Step 3: Tie Togeher & Cut The Yarn

Once you’ve wrapped the yarn enough times, hold them together by tying the taped piece of string at the binding. This is the midpoint of all the yarn and top of your ghost. Keep that knot tight (double knot) so your ghost doesn’t come apart.

Next, align the ball of yarn to the bottom end and cut along the open end of the book. But be careful not to cut the pages of your book!

Step 4: Forming the Ghost Head

Holding up the tied piece of yarn, form the section just below into a ball and tie another piece of yarn to hold it in place. That will be the outline of your ghost.

The Ball Hack

I didn’t want my ghosts to get deformed by any pulls of the yarn or in storage from one Halloween to the next so I came up with a creative hack. Ping pong balls! I just so happened to have them right next to me from an old and unused diy.

Place a ping pong ball or spherical object at the beginning of step 4 inside the area of the head and then tie another piece of yarn to hold it in place. You can then adjust each piece of yarn around it.

Yarn Ghost Craft for Cute Halloween Decor
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Step 5: Ghost Details

Now that your ghost shape is done, finish off your yarn ghost craft with cute details. Glue a pair of googly eyes with tacky glue or a hot glue gun and attach a piece of colorful ribbon around the neck.

Decorate Your Home!

Make multiple yarn ghosts and you can form a beautiful garland, simple or decorated with beads or other crafts. Hang it at your entryway, on your mantle, on a beam, or even over your bed.

If hanging them together isn’t an option, you can carefully place each ghost within your existing decor. I placed mine with decorative sticks in a vase at different heights and it looks amazing!

They’re very ornamental and could fit well anywhere.

I’d love to see your take on this yarn ghost craft and how you decorate your home!

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