Usborne’s Little Children’s Drawing Book for Preschoolers Review

A lot of parents are learning how to homeschool this year, including me. My 5-year-old son starts Kindergarten this fall and I’m making sure to balance out our lessons with some fun. The Little Children’s Drawing Book is a perfect coloring book for little ones.

Usborne's Little Children's Drawing Book for Preschoolers Review

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This drawing book is ideal for preschool-aged children, where they are given the opportunity to complete patterns and shapes on different animals and activities. I love that it’s not your usual, color within the lines type of coloring book, but instead, a drawing book where little ones can express themselves while learning to draw basic shapes and perfect their pencil control skills.

Usborne’s Little Children’s Drawing Book is also part of Timberdoodle’s Preschool Curriculum Kit.

Children learn to make straight lines, wiggly lines, fat lines and thin lines, loops and squiggles, as well as dots, circles, and swirls. These skills prepare them for essential pencil holding skills when learning to write and draw.

My son and I had a nice bonding moment exploring this wonderful drawing book we got from Timberdoodle. Having a year of preschool preparedness under his belt, he had little trouble making the patterns and marks but he had a blast. This would be perfect for my younger one (age 3.5) to start her writing skills too, a goal I hope we can attain this school year at home.

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