How To Grow Toddler Scissor Skills With Adorable And Fun Practice Books

Most kids love the idea of using scissors, mine will literally leap for them. If you’re a nervous parent like me, you’ll probably keep all scissors out of reach to avoid wild haircuts and chopped blankets throughout the house. But it’s important for toddlers to develop scissor skills by the time they begin elementary school. And there are many fun ways to introduce fun and supervised activities for your toddler.

Let’s start with some basics, like when to introduce scissors, what scissors to start with, and how to hold scissors.

How To Grow Toddler Scissor Skills With Adorable And Fun Practice Books

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What Age Should Toddlers Begin to Develop Scissor Skills?

The average age range for developing scissor skills within the toddler years starts as young as 2 and up to 5 years old with supervision.

What Type of Scissors Are Recommended for Learning Scissor Skills?

Safety scissors are the best kind for little learners. You want to choose scissors that are small, with blunt tips, that will fit perfectly in your child’s hand.

If you’re nervous about starting with metal scissors, you can introduce plastic scissors with play dough so that your toddler can develop some primary scissor skills on their own.

How Should One Hold Scissors Properly?

Place your child’s thumb in the smaller hole and 2-4 fingers (depending on how many fit in your scissors of choice) into the larger hole. Align their hand with the scissors to form a straight line and follow the ‘thumps up’ rule.

How To Grow Toddler Scissor Skills With Adorable And Fun Practice Books

DIY Scissor Skills Activities

Granted, there are lots of ways you can DIY toddler scissor skills activities, I’ve even successfully tried a few myself. But we also really love the Kumon Cutting Skills Activity Workbooks because they all the extra effort out of it for you.

Using 'Kumon Cutting Skills - 2-Book Set'

In a 30-minute period, we did 10 activity pages and had a great time doing it! And the best part, I didn’t have to do anything except guide my child while she learned to grow her scissor skills.

How To Grow Toddler Scissor Skills With Adorable And Fun Practice Books

What's Included In the Set And What it Promises

The bundle includes 2 sets of Let’s Cut Paper books from Kumon First Steps Workbooks collection. Each book has 39 scissor skills activity pages, a certificate of achievement, and a mini reusable drawing board. Their description reads, “Your child will develop fine motor control skills while having fun using scissors to cut lines and shapes.”

How It Works

These practice books are so cute and give more meaning to what your child is cutting.

The first pages of each book include a set of texts for parents about the book and how to use it. It even explains how to choose proper scissors and how to hold them properly. And each activity page comes with short instructions and a picture at the top for parents to help guide their children.

Each activity page is very clear for toddlers to understand where to start and stop cutting. The guidelines are thick enough to leave room for error as well.

Growing Fine Motor Skills As Your Child Progresses

They also have a gradual progression of growing skill levels. In the first few activity pages, your child will be making simple and short cuts, then gradually making longer cuts, then corners, and later, slightly more complex shapes.

The cuts your toddler makes give meaning as each page becomes a sort of puzzle or quick craft. Some pages, after being cut, also require a piece of tape or a little folding for added fun.

Our Takeaway from the Kumon Let's Cut Paper Workbooks

As a busy stay-at-home mom of two, having wonderful resources like these workbooks makes our lives so much easier. In these trying times of suddenly homeschooling without a clue as to what I’m doing. Its resources like these that I rely on.

My youngest (age 4) has been dying to learn how to use scissors and I simply haven’t had the time or patience but these books made it all so much easier for both of us. It was nice for me to sit back and just watch without having to worry much or prepare anything in advance. In just doing a few pages, she showed so much improvement!

Even my oldest (age 5) was asking if he could have a turn because it looked so fun.

How To Grow Toddler Scissor Skills With Adorable And Fun Practice Books

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