The Birth of My Second Child via Planned C-Section

This is my personal story about the birth of my daughter, who was born via planned c-section. Our firstborn came to us via emergency c-section and fifteen months later we were having baby number two!  DISCLOSURE: This post does include a little bit of sensitive material.  It is not meant to scare you, only to describe the details and emotions of my experience. * This post includes Affiliate Links. Deciding on a Planned Cesarean My doctor highly recommended a planned c-section for me. The risk factors of having a vaginal birth while still in the healing period from the first surgery…


The Birth of My First Child & Emergency C-Section

I'm currently a mother of two toddlers and have already had my fair share of parenting experiences. Thinking back to the beginning of when it all happened feels like an eternity ago already but it was an amazing experience on so many levels. Being a first time parent is so difficult, I was for sure clueless! Hopefully my stories and experiences can help you or at least entertain you. Here's the story of my son's birth. Late and a Paranoid Nervous Wreck I was 6 days past my due date with no dilation in my previous doctor visits and my…

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