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Living in South Florida, we get extra heat during summertime. I purchased a few fans to survive this summer, since we’ve been going on day trips to the Zoo and planned a weekend trip to Disney World with the whole family. I’ve fallen in love with these products and have decided to write a mini review.

Disclosure: I have included some affiliate links throughout this post. At no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

The first one I purchased was a clip-on style. I previously had a cheap one with three foam blades, it was ok but the clip wouldn’t open very wide and foam pieces broke clean off one day at the zoo so I needed a better replacement. 

My go-to for these things is always Amazon, I hunted for a great one and read various reviews, and I found the APUPPY Portable Clip Fan. I’ve already recommended it to all my friends because its not just our kids using it, its us too! 

This fan can stand up on its own, be turned from its base, can be angled, and the power can be turned on and off by an wheel that adjusts its power- which can be moderate or very strong, works by rechargeable battery, and its very quiet too! 

I might sound like an infomercial but I swear this thing is great! I even used it once when I decided to let the kids play outside, and diverted to the garage before giving up because I was dying of heat and stealing the fan all to myself LOL!

Here I am suffering the heat and humidity of South Florida in my own garage (because the driveway was even hotter) with my clip on fan in full blast.

For our Disney trip I was more concerned because there were 7 of us and sitting out in mid-July heat to watch a parade would kill us (I’m exaggerating obviously). 

So I purchased a couple of O2 Cool Necklace Fans, which works with an on/off switch and left us cooled and handsfree. 

I also purchased an Insten Portable Handheld Mini Misting Fan, which mists like a humidifier and refreshes you without leaving you feeling wet. 

This was also amazing, my son loved waving it around at everyone. Its small enough to fit in your purse but powerful enough to keep us satisfyingly refreshed.


Here you can see my family at Disney, my father in law cooling off with one of the necklace fans and my son waving around the misting fan.

Here’s my daughter enjoying the clip on fan attached to our stroller while my son still plays with the misting fan to cool everyone off.


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