Skip Hop Forma Diaper Backpack

Men tend to carry very little big always have enough space in their pockets, while women love to carry a lot of things in a wonderfully heavy bag or purse. Women as mothers have a hard time making their regular purses work for them and baby, that’s where Diaper Bags come in handy. A purse for mom and baby.

But what’s even better is a Diaper Bag that even dad can wear, because let’s face it, we’re in the 21st Century where Dad’s will often be carrying the essentials.

Any parent will need a great bag to carry their essentials. That’s why I highly recommend this Diaper Backpack from Skip Hop.

I have not been paid for this post, I share this because I simply love this bag!

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Imagine carrying a child while wearing a heavy side bag. Your body will be arched to the side while you balance both your child and your bag. Then suddenly it starts to slip down your shoulder and you have to keep your balance so your baby doesn’t fall. 

Diaper bags can get heavy very quickly with the amount of things we tend to carry for our kids. Personally, I’ve never been the type to have a heavy side bag. I either carry a little bit on a cross bag or a lot in a backpack to avoid back pain. 

A Diaper Backpack is a no brainer!

With a side bag, when you move the arm thats holding the bag up, you don’t have full use of it. When you’re helping your child, who’s learning to walk, you don’t want that bag swinging around and hitting them on the head!

Even better, men can wear it for us when we go out as a family or might be more willing to go out with our kids on their own when they don’t have to wear a very feminine diaper bag. 

My husband rocks our diaper bag so well, and I don’t always have to be carrying. Win-win!

The straps are adjustable like any decent backpack. And there are clips on them for attaching to strollers. I also use these clips for attaching my bag to a restaraunt chair, or a fence at a playgorund when I don’t want to put my bag on the floor (#momhack).


The Skip Hop Forma Backpack incredibly lightweight! I was very pleasantly surprised.

This bag is very flexible and strong. I’ve carried very little at times and it was refreshingly lightweight, but I’ve also stuffed it to the brim and it fit everything I needed and didn’t explode on me.

The fabric of this bag is not only lightweight, but waterproof. It doesn’t repell water, but it doesn’t fully absorb it the way cotton does either. I’ve been caught in some rain while wearing the bag and although the bag got wet, it wasn’t soaked, and everything inside was dry.

It is super easy to clean, it can be easily wiped and dried. If it needs a deeper clean (which I haven’t really needed in over 2 years of use), it can be machine washed! I tested it out once and it came out the same way I bought it, clean and damage free!


Unlike most diaper bags, this one can really fit a lot! And because it’s a backpack, the opening is much wider, so you don’t lose things as easily.

It comes with a diaper changing pad and two removable pouches, which they call the insulated cube and the mesh cube, intended for bottle cold storage and fabrics storage.

These rectangular “cubes” can be used for anything, I removed them from my bag and keep the diapers in that section of the bag and instead use them for carrying snacks or certain things depending on my day.

The bag itself has several pockets for storing all your needs, including two bottle storage areas on the sides.

I use this backpack every day to carry for two children and myself, it is my purse when I go out with the kids. I really love this thing! I can fit everything we need on an average day.

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