Shopping for My Kids at Target

When you have kids, you find yourself often buying clothes for your growing children.

Target has such cute stuff that it can easily become an addiction that leads you to spend hundreds at a time for clothes that might be outgrown in a matter of months.

I’ve fallen in love with Target for this reason, their prices are reasonable and their clothing quality and selection is great.

Everyone jokes about their trips to Target being for one or two items and walking out with a full cart, and it’s so true!

I love taking the kids for a stroll around Target when we have nothing to do, we like to explore the toys section.

I also love looking at decoration pieces and small furniture, and of course, Jojo’s collection Hearth & Hand.

But sometimes I’m in more of a hurry or know that I have literally nothing to spend that day so I have to try to avoid tempting myself.

I’ll even go by myself so the kids don’t get tempted either and go straight to what I need and shield my eyes away from everything else.

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Buying Clearance

One day I went to Target to buy a birthday gift for a toddler, I headed straight to the toddler clearance section and found some pretty amazing deals. 

After selecting two outfits for the gift, I found myself grabbing a bunch of things for my daughter. I failed at the temptation but the deals were too good to resist. I told myself, “let’s set a budget per item, nothing above $5, since that’s the regular price for an average item of clothing for toddlers.” 

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I ended up buying 6 things for my daughter (2 pants, 1 pair of shorts, 2 shirts, and a set of 3 hair clips partially shown in the picture) and spent a whopping $19.71. Victory!

They also have an online inventory of the Toddler Clearance Section as well as a Baby Clearance Section.

When my kids grow in size, which lately isn’t as frequent, my first go-to is Target. If I buy all we need in one day I could spend around $100-$150, including shirts, bottoms, pajamas, and socks. That’s actually a pretty good deal! And although I prefer finding amazing deals in the Clearance Section, like a T-shirt for a little over $1 or $3, they have very affordable shirts in the regular section. Their Cat & Jack shirts usually sell for $4.50 and shorts for $5!

Cat & Jack Collection

I have an obsession with the Cat & Jack collection because of the low prices, but even more because I can always count on their great quality. My kids are a little thicker in certain areas than average American babies and toddlers so in the past we’ve had struggles finding shirt sleeves, long pants, and waists on pants and shorts that weren’t too tight. The Cat & Jack collection doesn’t come too tight, and all their bottoms come with flexible waists so their clothes fit both skinny or chunky children, making our lives easier! With all the clothes I’ve gotten for my kids at Target, I know the quality and price are up to par, but what’s more is they’ll last.

Disney Collection

They also have a few Disney collections for babies, toddlers, kids, and adults. I got my own Minnie Mouse shirt recently. My son has two different Mickey Mouse shirts and my daughter, who I recently had to buy everything a size up for, got some Winnie the Pooh shirts, a Little Mermaid, and a Moana shirt all for good prices (average $7 each).

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Hair Accessories

I also love getting hair accessories from my daughter there. She has thin baby hair that’s growing towards her face so I’m always looking for different ways to let it grow and keep it out of her eyes. Target has a great selection of hair clips, hair ties, and headbands for babies, toddlers, girls, and women (some of which I’ve shown in my post about My Daughter’s Silly Baby Hair).


Their swimwear collection is also pretty awesome. Living in Florida, I prefer to have my kids wearing rash guards for long days in the sun. Their collection has short sleeve and long sleeve option. For my fair skinned daughter, I even got her a rash guard/swimsuit with full coverage, which came in handy on our day at Disney.


Here’s some of my favorite buy’s from Target:


What are your favorite Target finds?

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January 11, 2019 10:52 am

I think 90% of the time my kids are wearing a cat and Jack outfit. I love it. They are so cute and affordable

Julia Randall
January 11, 2019 3:09 pm

I love Cat and Jack for my son too! Great quality and really good prices too!

January 11, 2019 10:04 pm

You can’t go wrong with Target. Best store EVER!!

January 13, 2019 9:46 am

Target is my favorite store! I love that they carry a variety of items so it’s the only place you need to go. They always have great sales on baby items too!

January 17, 2019 8:49 am

I always leave target with way more than I went in for! I love the idea of setting a budget per item!