Fun And Unique Paper Popsicle Craft Activity For Kids – How To Guide

Looking for a fun summer craft? We spend a lot of time making paper crafts over the summer on rainy days or just to avoid the heat. Popsicles are the perfect summer snack for cooling off, but also a fun craft to make and play with. Your family will love this paper popsicle craft!

The fun part about this craft is that you can decorate it however you want. And then you can use them to play ice cream shop, how fun!

Fun And Unique Paper Popsicle Craft Activity For Kids - How To Guide

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Paper Popsicle Craft Materials

More About The Materials

Obviously, you’ll need popsicle sticks for this craft. You can repurpose from your actual popsicles or buy craft sticks, just be aware of the sizes you’re buying. There are even colorful popsicle sticks.

I highly recommend using cardstock paper, or heavyweight paper, as the backing support for your popsicle craft. Construction paper alone works but will be flimsy. This way your kids can freely play with their popsicles without them getting damaged right away. I highly recommend having brightly colored paper as well to make your ice cream pop.

For this craft you will need both glue sticks and liquid glue. Liquid glue is great for glueing wood, pasta, and plastic. It’s also great to have a lot of for making slime. But it is not ideal for glueing paper to paper, as it will wet the paper too much and leave it wrinkled. Glue sticks are perfect for gluing paper though.

Since there are so many ways to decorate your popsicles, you can stick to just paper and coloring materials like markers and colored pencils. Or you can add on various other objects. Pom poms, google eyes, glitter glue, and stickers always give crafts like these an extra flair. Dry pasta is also a common crafting material that you can glue on. You can even paint the pasta! What else can you think of to add on?

Fun And Unique Paper Popsicle Craft Activity For Kids - How To Guide

How To Make Your Paper Popsicle Craft

The framework of your popsicle will have a standard process and shape but the decorating part is up to you to make each one unique and fun.

Start by cutting out your standard popsicle shape on cardstock paper. You can make skinny popsicles or fat popsicles. Use your popsicle stick to determine the right shape and size. You can create your own templates to retrace for multiple popsicle crafts or use templates that I’ve created. (Sign up below to get your template by email)

Once you have your popsicle template, you can glue your popsicle stick to the back with wet glue. Now you have your full base for the craft. You can also leave the popsicle stick for last, as it will be easier to decorate over a flat surface.

Cut out the construction paper into multiple shapes of different colors, using your popsicle shape template as a guide. For ex: rectangles and dripping fudge. Play around with different pattern combinations. You can even try to recreate your favorite popsicle.

Glue your construction paper on the top end of your popsicle base. Add details with with markers or pencils or other add ons to make it unique.

Fun And Unique Paper Popsicle Craft Activity For Kids - How To Guide

Make It An Activity!

The setup of this craft is a bit difficult for the little ones so I set it up for my kids and basically turned it into a fun activity for them to do freely. I set up multiple popsicle bases and cut out various shapes and topping options out of construction paper. I spread it out on the table for them with other add-on materials and let them create on their own.

It’s the perfect indoor activity for kids on a rainy summer day and you get to just watch and assist. Do this for a playdate, a party, or just a regular day with the kids. It’s fun for all ages!

Fun And Unique Paper Popsicle Craft Activity For Kids - How To Guide

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Fun And Unique Paper Popsicle Craft Activity For Kids - How To Guide
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