Nest Indoor Camera- Great as Baby Monitor

My personal review of Nest Indoor Camera.
I wrote this because I highly recommend this product, and although I may get a commission from your clicks, I wrote this review out of my own intent to help others find good products. 

Nest Indoor Camera as Baby Monitor

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If you’re looking for a security camera or a great Baby Monitor Camera that you can view from your phone I highly recommend this one.

We also love our Nest Thermostat, which works on the same App.

How The NEst Cam Works

Set Up

It works via powered outlet and Wi-Fi so you can install it anywhere. You just plug it in and connect it to the internet over the Nest App.

You can manually tilt it, turn it, move it to a different spot and it will work just fine as long as its indoor.

It comes with a magnetic mounting base so you can easily mount it onto furniture or a wall or just loosely place it there and it will stay.

Using it On The Nest App

You get a live feed of the camera on the App, which you can connect to any device (phone, tablet) and if you’re checking on the computer you can go to the website.

You can have the App send you notifications of motions and sounds, it will even tell you if it picks up a dog barking!

And the resolution is amazing, its crisp and colorful at 1080p HD. It even adjusts to night view so you can keep a close look.

Once in live view you can setup which zoom preferences you have and set them to adjust the resolution to that.

The camera also picks up live audio and if your device has a microphone, which it should, then you can talk back.

Nest Aware Subscription

Additionally, Nest offers affordable subscription options for keeping your video recordings within their cloud. It’s great for keeping record of burglars or checking back on your babysitter.

The camera has amazing Zoom Quality Capabilities

How I've Used It

Our Setup

We have one camera set up for each of our kid’s bedrooms as baby monitors. We also use basic audio monitors for when we’re not constantly checking the Nest App.

In each room, I set up the camera on an upper corner of the room pointing down to capture as much as possible. When I need to, I set up the zoom on a focus area, using my phone.

Viewing the Cameras

One of the best benefits to the Nest Cam is having access to view the camera or footage from any device. I often check from the app on my phone or tablet but I also use my computer. 

On the computer, I can simply login to my Nest account and view both cameras at once and leave it running on the corner or side of my screen while I work.

I can check on my kids playing or sleeping while I’m cooking in the kitchen, doing laundry in the other room, or working from my home office. I can even check when I need to take the dog out or when I leave the kids with a sitter.

nest cam multi room view

Using Nest Aware Subscriptions

For a while, we had only one camera subscribed to the Nest Aware. But their packages and pricing have improved and we currently pay only eight dollars a month for both cameras. 

I love having that comfort of being able to go back a few minutes or days of footage.

We’ve gone through struggles of problem solving why our kid keeps falling off their bed, for example. As well as checking how our kid got a boo boo an if our kid is lying to us about something they did in their room. Or even figuring out what happened in an altercation between our two toddlers. Sometimes it’s silly and sometimes important, either way it gives us peace of mind.

Use When Traveling

On our family vacation, we left one camera recording inside the house for security.

The other camera we brought with us and set it up the room we were staying during the trip.

All it needed was power and wifi to be set up so we used it to monitor the kids at bedtime while we stayed in the living room of our airbnb. We also used it to check on our dog whenever we left.

This is a Night View of my daughter sleeping. Her camera is placed in the center of the room so that we can mostly monitor playing and occasionally sleeping. As you can see it is very crisp and clear even at night, even though she is on the far end of the camera view.


Do you have a nest cam? How do you like it and what do you use it for?

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