My Daughter’s Silly Baby Hair

At a year and a half old my daughter’s hair has been growing from the back of her cowlick at her crown all the way to her eyes, making it a little difficult to manage.

If you’re not familiar with a cowlick, its like a hurricane swirl that directs hair in different directions, it’s a chunk of hair that has a life of its own. They are usually on the crown of one’s scalp, although sometimes on the forehead or back of the neck. They cannot be removed, only somewhat managed, although children’s cowlicks are said to mature on their own.

My husband and I both have them and our kids seem to have picked up on our genetics. For boys, keeping the hair short makes it manageable even though cutting it makes it stick straight.

But for us ladies it can be a bit more labor intensive to deal with. I part my hair around it but for our daughter, who’s still got baby hair, its a little more difficult especially now that it’s in her eyes.

Our issue with her cowlick isn’t the cowlick itself but the fact that her hair grows from the back to the front- Trump style! Oh boy!

When her hair is wet I try to brush it backward but it flops back so I have to brush it to the side because it just won’t cooperate to go anywhere but forward. When she wakes up in the morning her hair is a mess, not only is it completely covering her eyes but it’s full of  static with flyaways at the top- its so funny! I have to pat it down with water every morning just to manage it a little.

I remember the days when she barely had hair and the days when her hair was finally growing and we started using colorful hair clips as an embellishment. Now they barely hold enough of her hair!

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I shouldn’t complain because her hair isn’t that hard to manage, being thin and silky straight like mine. But the direction of its growth is bothering me now that its all growing towards her beautiful little face. I’ve been letting it grow and pushing it to the side because if I cut her bangs it will never grow out properly and will be harder to manage.

When trying to manage cowlicks, there are two options: keeping it very short (buzzed) or having good length is usually best to weigh it down. For our son, we try to keep it short but for our daughter that’s not an option. Hair experts advise massaging the area and that the best way to redirect the hair is to keep directing it by force (ponytails, pigtails, hair clips, whatever works!) And that’s what I’ve been doing.

Her hair refuses to go backwards or stay parted in the center so I part it to the side and have been using a hair clip at the front. At first this worked great but now that she’s got a lot more hair it keeps slipping out so I’ve been trying to get creative and silly with the hair do’s.

I got her some headbands, which don’t stay on very long. I’ve tried using multiple baby hair clips but they slip off or look weird in multiples, at least with the ones we have. I got a set of soft tiny hair ties but a regular ponytail wouldn’t hold all her hair so I’m left with a “palm tree” look at the top center. I recently tried some pigtails to force a midway part in her hair and keep them out of her eyes but couldn’t grasp all that hair without looking like a porcupine full of spokes. The pigtail look leaves a few baby hairs on her forehead looking like bangs, she looks like just like Boo from Monsters Inc.

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See any similarities? Haha! Of all these styles though, the hair clip is the easiest because it can quickly be fixed.

I have yet to attempt other suggested options like hairspray, pomades, and other hair products to “tease” the area. Hopefully my current methods will work, or I may need to resort to these for certain occasions.

Either way we’ve been having fun playing with her hair and she’s been getting used to us doing her hair. She’s still a “baby” so we’re just getting started.

Here’s some more pictures of our silly gal and her hair:

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These are a few of the accessories we’ve used and liked with her hair, as well as some other super cute similar styles:


HAve You struggled with baby hair?

What solutions have you come up with?


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July 6, 2018 9:48 am

Baby hair is hard to style. My son has a cowlick right in the crown of his head that I can never get to lay down. Cute article your little girl is adorable.

July 6, 2018 9:53 am

It may be difficult to manage, but it sure is cute!

Floby Villaralvo
July 6, 2018 12:13 pm

This is totally fine, Laia is two, my daughter and she is just growing her baby hair. Just let it groooooow 🙂

July 7, 2018 10:06 pm

I adore her baby hair! And that comparison to Boo is too cute!

October 29, 2018 10:11 pm

She is so adorable. Neither of my daughters had any hair, and it grew very slowly when they were babies. So I would get all sort of weird advice from people on what to do. I simply had fun with it like you are doing with your daughters, some bows… Read more »