Managing Sensitive Baby Skin

My daughter has always had that baby soft skin. To this day, at a year and a half, she still does. She’s got that soft and fair skin that can easily be irritated. When she was a few months old she started developing some rash-like patches around her chest, arms and back of her thighs and suspected a food allergy or Eczema. Turns out she just has fair and sensitive skin, dodged a bullet! However, I do take similar precautions and use soaps and lotions meant for Eczema as well.

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For several months she continued with these rashes, with it increasing throughout more of her entire body. It wasn’t til we switched pediatricians that one doctor actually suggested changing her soap and shampoo rather than limiting options to clothing fabrics and detergent concerns. We were using Johnson & Johnson, which we thought was the “right” kind of baby body wash because it is the most commonly used and marketed baby brand for these pharmaceuticals. We were recommended to try Aquafor or Aveeno so I went for Aveeno. With just the first bath I noticed a difference in the texture of her skin. Within a few weeks she had completely cleared up with just the Aveeno Baby Body Wash & Shampoo and occasional Aveeno Baby Lotion for Eczema. Since then I have been fully committed to the body wash and barely need to use any lotion. With the Eczema one being so expensive I only use it when she starts to develop a rash, otherwise, I use the regular Aveeno Baby Lotion.

Tubby Todd products are pretty great too!

I haven’t tried their sunscreen yet but I’m only hearing great things!

This summer I’ve been having her in shorts a lot because I don’t want her to overheat when we go outside but she’s been having a bit of rashes, mainly at the back of her thighs. I’ve cut back on the sun exposure a bit and have been applying more sunscreen. On days where I intend on being out in the sun for longer periods of time, I dress her in swimsuit rash guards, after all they’re meant to guard from rashes! Now that she’s wearing 2T for most clothing, its hard to find something that covers anything below the waist, other than the bikini bottom. When she was an infant I got her a full-length swimsuit/rash guard that covered her arms and legs entirely but she’d outgrown it and they didn’t sell it for her size. I was lucky to have found ONE at Target (online only) that’s sized for toddlers and its great! For our full-length day at Disney this is was her outfit. I love it because its better than sunscreen for anything other than her head, neck, hands, and feet, but also because its a swimsuit so she can wear it to play in the sun or to play in the water.

My little girl also drools a lot on certain teething days. With my son this wasn’t a huge concern, but my daughter develops little acne-like rashes below her lip and if she manages to wet her shirt, her chest flares up in her eczema-like rashes. For her, I have gone out of my way to get her drooling bibs or bandanas for her size, some even with a little chew tab. They manage to keep her shirt dry so that her chest doesn’t flare up. I don’t put them on her daily, but on really drooly days we might go through a few wet bibs and maybe even a shirt change on top of that!

The first image is one of the sets we have from aden + anais, they have various design patterns and colors. The second and third images are the girl/boy versions of a similar brand.

Since she was born I’ve been using Pampers Sensitive Wipes and Diapers and she’s shown minor redness and diaper rashes. Recently I decided to try the new Pampers Pure to see if it would make any difference. Honestly I wasn’t expecting anything because she didn’t have much of a rash, however her skin looked whiter within 2 days! From now on I’ll be using Pampers Pure for my little lady! I even switched to using their Pure Wipes and its been so much easier, especially for the poopy diapers!


What kinds of skin conditions do your little ones regularly have? What products or treatments have helped?

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With Love From P
July 31, 2018 10:29 am

She’s absolutely adorable. I swear by aveeno for my 4 month old. I absolutely love it.

July 31, 2018 6:07 pm

My 3.5 year old has excema. She breaks out less as she gets older and it’s worse in the winter than the summer. We use dye free, scent free laundry soap and also love the Aveeno excema lotion. We use it on her whole body after every bath and also… Read more »