6 Practical Ways to Improve Your Kids Room Organization for Good

There’s something about so satisfying about seeing an organized space. Having kids comes with a lot of… ‘stuff,’ and no one wants to see stuff all over the place. It’s definitely a challenge to keep all the kids’ ‘stuff’ in order but it is possible. I’ve always been an organization method addict so I’m sharing some of my favorite kids’ room organization tips and ideas.

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Before You Start Organizing

There are a few things to consider before beginning the organization process. Assessing the problems is part of the first step. Where are the problem areas? It could be a lack of storage space or an overabundance of ‘stuff.’ Decide what is and isn’t working for your kids and determine what can be decluttered, thrown away, or possibly donated.

Involve your kids in the organization methods you set out. It’s their room and their things after all, even if we paid for those things and it’s our house. They basically own us- haha! Have them help by sorting things by type, size, or color- it also makes for a great lesson for young children.

6 Practical Ways to Improve Your Kids Room Organization for Good
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Next, we need to start with the basic necessities, reassess the space, and then start adding details to improve the functionality. Because, much like a kitchen needs a work triangle design, a kid’s room needs some basic items too. Such as a closet or dresser, toy and book storage, and a bed.

Then, you can determine the empty spaces and start filling them with other needs and wants. Kids may also need other things such as a play table or desk, a place to showcase a collection, a lounging area, or even a dress-up corner or cute reading nook.

Kids Room Organization Tips and Ideas

Understand your space

There are many forms to improve your kids room organization, starting with furniture. But there’s no use in buying furniture that won’t fit in that room. Some rooms are smaller and may need to utilize more wall space than floor space, while others can utilize wider furniture and store more non-basic items. 

For example, behind the door organizers and closet organizers may help utilize vertical space better.

Understand your needs

If your kid has a lot of books, you’ll need more shelves. Possibly even a reading area with a bench or cozy seat. Your child may need more wall hooks, a coat rack, or a designated space within a closet. If you’re homeschooling, you may want to invest in a functional workstation setup.

Be practical

Kids will be kids and their rooms won’t stay clean and organized forever. Organization systems will assure that their things won’t get lost easily and they have a safe space to play. It will also encourage them to clean up after themselves and maintain clean habits.

6 Practical Ways to Improve Your Kids Room Organization for Good

Take advantage of bins and baskets

Keeping in mind that toys often come with many parts, they don’t always need to be perfectly neat. Bins, baskets, and storage cubes are perfect for organizing and sorting chaos in a way that is both messy and organized.

Group your items

Organize your kids’ things by function, size, frequency of use, or even color. A bookcase or a drawer can store various kinds of items, which can be organized by category. We have designated bins, shelves, and drawers just for toy cars, balls, and even puzzles. My kids and I love picture books. I like to organize our books by size, binding, age readability, or color.

You can also use interior organizers and dividers to make better use of shelf space. My favorites are these clear book dividers, and this clear paper organizer.

Take advantage of multipurpose furniture

If you’re setting up a nursery, you may want a dresser that can serve as a surface for a changing station for the first few years and still be useful when they grow up. If you’re shopping for a big kid bed, you may opt for one with extra functionality, such as drawers or a pull out bed.

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6 Practical Ways to Improve Your Kids Room Organization for Good
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Carrie Pankratz
October 5, 2020 11:15 am

This post makes me happy. I struggle to help my kids keep their room organized. They share a room and have different “styles”. One is pretty organized, the other is “creative”. lol. They are in Jr. High now and I thought this would get easier..nope! I’m going to sit down… Read more »

Michelle thibeault
October 7, 2020 5:35 pm

Thanks for sharing these I am so lost when it comes to my son and organizing! ha

October 8, 2020 12:59 am

Kid’s room Organization is a headache for me as it gets messy within few hours only. Thanks for helping with your tips!!!