Kid-Approved Hidden Veggie Meatloaf or Meatballs Recipe

One of the biggest issues for feeding children is usually getting them to eat their vegetables. When kids refuse to eat their vegetables, parents have to pull out their super powers and come up with a good hidden veggie recipe.

I’m super lazy when it comes to the kitchen and preparing meals so I don’t often cook meals from scratch. But since having kids I want to make sure I’m feeding them right so I try to make an effort here and there.

Kid-Approved Hidden Veggie Meatloaf or Meatballs Recipe

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Customizing your ingredients

I was struggling to get my daughter to eat meat. She was actually in love with vegetables, so I decided to blend the two together into a hidden veggie meatloaf recipe.

To be completely honest, I improvised the first time and since then I’ve never stuck to a measured recipe for this so please bear with me.

What I like most about making this meatloaf is that I can pretty much add whatever I want into it, depending on what I have in stock in the fridge/freezer. My freezer is always stocked with frozen veggies because they’re so easy to prepare for whatever occasion. 

A hidden veggie recipe works best with finely chopped or riced vegetables. It is easier for us to hide them into the recipe and also easier for our children to chew them. We can easily convince them it’s just “seasoning” for them to accept it.

I abuse my food processor for this because it saves me time and makes them even smaller than I could chop by hand. A vegetable chopper is also a fantastic tool for this. For other vegetable recipes, like veggie noodles, a spiralizer would also be a fantastic kitchen tool to have.

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Sometimes you can find riced veggies at the store (usually in the frozen isle) so that can save you even more prep time but may be a little too watery.

hidden veggie Meatloaf/Meatballs Ingredients

So here’s what you need:

  • Ground Beef (or Turkey, Chicken or a combination)
  • Meatloaf Pan or Baking Pan
  • Seasoning (salt & pepper as a minimum, plus an Italian blend for added flavor)
  • Finely Chopped or Riced Veggies (my usuals range between carrots, broccoli, spinach, cauliflower…)
  • Eggs
  • Onions and Garlic (freshly chopped gives it more flavor but powder works too)
  • Sauce for flavor (I mix bbq and ketchup)
  • Topping Options (I use more of the sauce and sprinkle panko breadcrumbs)
Hidden Veggie Meatloaf
Hidden Veggie Meatloaf
Kid-Approved Hidden Veggie Meatloaf or Meatballs Recipe

Below is the full recipe for the latest one I made, but like I said, this is an improvised “recipe” and sometimes not having all the ingredients or having extra ingredients work just the same.

You could also scoop and roll into meatballs, yum!

Kid-Approved Hidden Veggie Meatloaf or Meatballs Recipe

Kid-Approved Hidden Veggie Meatloaf or Meatballs Recipe

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M Mendezona
November 15, 2018 12:33 am

i have a picky eater. I’m hoping this will work for her, thanks Mama!

November 15, 2018 3:03 am

My kids, and husband, for that matter are such horrible veggie eaters. I think I’m going to give this a try on my family! Thanks for sharing!

Raina Cordell
November 15, 2018 3:30 am

Super excited to give this a try with my three little people!

November 15, 2018 10:01 am

I hope this works out for my baby. Sometimes he just too picky. Thanks for sharing ☺

November 15, 2018 2:13 pm

I love making meatloaf like this with veggies. Chopping them real small doesn’t give them any chance of picking up the veggies . This is a great recipe.