Ingenuity Toddler Booster Seat

My personal review of Ingenuity Toddler Booster Seat.
I wrote this because I highly recommend this product, and although I may get a commission from your clicks, I wrote this review out of my own intent to help others find good products. 

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Looking for a Dining Table Booster Seat? This one is great! And it’s available in multiple colors in varying prices.

Ingenuity Toddler Booster Seat

This is the second booster seat we’ve purchased for our children. There are a few out there that look similar and probably work equally well. The reason we needed to buy this one is because we have two toddlers, and now that our youngest could be transitioned from high chair to the table with us we needed a second booster. We chose to get a different one than the one we already have because our tabletop is thick and our 2 year old likes to sit with his knees up and it was up against the bottom of the table.

This chair is the perfect height for our older toddler, although could work just as well with our younger one. We love how easy it is to install and how simple and small it is, I often take the kids for lunch at their grandparent’s house and I bring their booster seats to keep them safely attached to their chairs and comfortable enough to eat at the right height. It has two adjustable straps, one around the back and one around the bottom of your chair, to keep it attached. The seat itself has a 3 point buckle, which my toddler now puts on himself.

It is also very easy to clean. The cushion part of the seat comes off very easily for any needed cleaning but just a little wiping does the trick.

I highly recommend this chair!

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