How My College Degree Prepared Me For Motherhood

People go to college to gain knowledge on different fields of study in attempt to get them into a career path.

Unfortunately there’s no degrees on motherhood or parenthood.

But that’s not to say that a college education doesn’t prepare you.

Architecture School definitely played a major hand in preparing me for motherhood. It even gave me some really cool skills I couldn’t possibly have had without my degree.


Disclosure: All of what you are reading here is mostly completely and totally true.

How My Degree Prepared Me For Motherhood
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ARchitecture School vs. Motherhood Struggles

College students like to party all night, it’s a common culture here in the US. But in Architecture school, you’re too busy staying up all week (yes every night of every week) working and reworking on a massive project you were just given with a short deadline.

Sleep Training

You learn to take mini naps in shifts to keep your body functioning through the night. You even stay up with your classmates taking turns napping so no one oversleeps. 

Sound familiar?

My husband and I took turns every time the baby cried at night. 

We were tired but we were okay with it because we had done it before… just not with a baby… and with less sleep and more line drawing and then having endless nightmares about them.

Back in my college days I couldn’t stay awake through a movie. It’s not that much different with parental exhaustion.


You learn to like coffee, which if you’re like me, you absolutely hate. And then reheat it because you were so busy drawing that you forgot to take a second sip. All so that it can help you not hallucinate at 4am in order to complete your presentation in time abut end up hallucinating by the time you actually have to present it.

Sound familiar?

Moms live on coffee. Very few moms, still like me, don’t ever or rarely ever drink coffee. We all go to bed every night and tell ourselves we’ll be more lively and energetic for our kids the next day but wake up groggy and either reaching for coffee before even being able to get dressed or just spending the day on the couch in our pjs hoping the kids can handle themselves.

How Architecture School Prepared Me For Motherhood


You learn to have patience when you permanently ruin a hand drawing you’ve been working on for hours because a tiny line somehow managed to end up in the wrong place. 

Likely because you forgot to take a sip of that coffee. And have to take a deep breath and regroup.

Sound familiar?

How many times do our kids do something they’re not supposed to? Deep breath mommies!

I’m not the most patient person but I was definitely way less patient before Architecture school.


Like any school, there’s lots of exams and pop quizzes to determine whether you’ve learned the material. In college, these tests usually leave us clueless.

Sound familiar?

Parenthood is a test in itself. We’re constantly learning the material and being tested. 

Kids are also testing us, by always asking questions. Even when we don’t have answers or have already answered them.

My kids ask me how things work and what everything is. “Mommy, what is that? Mommy, what are you doing? Mommy? Mommy? Mommmyyyy!”

I even get “Mom, why doesn’t my sister have a penis?” which I wouldn’t be able to creatively answer without my degree.

Kids are always testing us… particularly our patience.

They think they’re always right and when answered one of their constant questions they answer with “no, that’s not right.” How about when they’re saying your name on repeat just to get your attention? Or not doing what they should be despite being told 15,000 times to go potty or clean up their mess. 

All tests. And we are always failing them, just like in college! 

Stress & Grey Hairs

School is stressful. Architecture School was intensely stressful because we had such high expectations and absolutely zero time to complete projects. 

I started getting grey hairs during my college years, likely because of my intensified stress levels. 

Sound familiar?

Being a parent is super stressful. From trying to figure out how to take care of a crying baby to dealing with a whiny toddler or child and then the teenage years. It’s a constant ball of stress. 

And I have so many grey hairs now that I have to color my hair to disguise it, something I’ve never done before.

Working Through The Holidays and Illnesses

Most college students love college vacations because they’re usually longer than regular school vacations. But in Architecture School we had to take classes over the summer and never got to enjoy Thanksgiving because of Finals.

When you catch a bad cold, ideally you should stay home to rest and recover. But in college, particularly Architecture School, if you miss one class you fall behind and let your teammates down in group projects. So basically, you have to work through your illnesses, no matter how shitty you feel.

Sound familiar?

In parenting, there are no vacations and no holidays, and you definitely cannot take the day off to recover from a cold or the flu.

If you’re lucky enough to get to go on a vacation, staycation, or have a date night take advantage of it. 

How My College Years Prepared Me For Motherhood

Exhausted But Unable To Sleep

During my Architecture days, we were working on our projects around the clock that the few times we were actually trying to sleep we either struggled to fall asleep because we kept coming up with more tasks and ideas or because our dreams were a continuation of our work. 

Just as soon as I’d start to doze off an important idea would pop into mind and I’d at least have to write it down so that I could remember it later. My one hour nap quickly turned into twenty minutes due to all these thoughts and ideas. Then I’d dream of forgetting things or drawing lines over lines over lines.

Sound familiar?

Maybe not the lines part but definitely the not being able to sleep even though you’re exhausted! 

So many times I’ve gone to bed “early” and then struggled to fall asleep because I was worried about my kid choking, not feeling well during a cold, or even needing to go potty. I worry about whether I did something wrong that day, whether I overreacted when I put my kid in time out, or if I could’ve done something different to handle certain situations. 

I also have thoughts upon thoughts about how to “make tomorrow different.” Do I take them to the playground or a fun event? Or maybe I should plan an activity or something more exciting or educational. 

Less sleeping, more thinking.

Counting the Minutes til...

In school, in this case any school, students are counting down the minutes until class gets out. Or even the days until vacation or at least the weekend.

Sound familiar?

I count down the hours and minutes until nap time and bed time. What parent doesn’t look forward to a short kid free time!?

At nap time I need some time to myself. Some time to have some quiet to think without having to yell “no running” or “no fighting.” I get frustrated and grumpy when I don’t get this time of peace to do what I want or fulfill my needed tasks in that short time.

The countdown to bed time is so that my husband and I can have our time alone in peace, usually to watch a show or a movie that isn’t child appropriate. 

There is absolutely no Disney music allowed in our house after 9PM.

How Architecture School Prepared Me For Motherhood

Architectural Classes & Motherhood

What did I learn in Architecture School that is still useful to me today?

Well, In physics class, I learned how to do a bunch of crazy equations. Now I can mathematically teach my toddler that climbing on furniture is not a good idea, because gravity can cause him to fall at full velocity towards a nice big ouchie. Just like our egg drop project… or Humpty Dumpty!

In my drawing classes, I learned that markers bleed through paper and ruin drawings and desks. So my kids are forbidden from ever using markers. God forbid they ever find one or get a hold of a sharpie, because it definitely doesn’t pair well with drywall, or really any other material I’ve studied.

I also learned how to draw using straight edges, templates, and to scale. So I cringe when I see an imperfect line or circle drawn by my kids. I really have to act when they look proud of their drawings.

Thanks to my Theory classes, I can build really great domes with foam blocks. But I can also make awesome cantilever structures out of Legos. 


School totally prepared me for motherhood. I’m a perfectionist at drawing, I can prevent any accident, and I’m a pro at building blocks and puzzles.

How Architecture School Prepared Me For Motherhood

So now you know. If you want to be a parent, just go to Architecture school!

Or maybe Medical school, then you could save on some medical bills too. 

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