Exciting Ways To Celebrate Halloween At Home This Year

This pandemic really has had everyone on their toes and parents have been trying to be extra creative when planning special events. We’d hoped social distancing measures wouldn’t be necessary so many months later but here we are, planning to celebrate Halloween at home.

Even though none of us really wanted so many things canceled, it doesn’t mean everything has to be eliminated. Sure, most of us won’t be trick or treating from door to door like we used to or gathering for epic Halloween parties with our friends, but we’re getting super creative with our socially distant Halloween alternatives.

Exciting Ways To Celebrate Halloween At Home This Year

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How Can I Celebrate Halloween At Home?

There are so many ways to celebrate while social distancing.

Socially Distant Outings

For starters, not everything is canceled. Many towns are hosting various socially distant events, such as drive-through trunk or treating and pumpkin patches.

And there are various low-key pumpkin patches and open areas, such as u-pick farms, that make for a perfect fall-themed morning activity. You could even make your own little pumpkin patch or hay maze at home.

Decorate Together Inside And Out

It may very well be that my collection of Halloween decor is greater than my Christmas decor. I blame The Dollar Tree, I’m a sucker for their holiday goodies.

Since we don’t intend on handing out candy to trick or treaters this year, I chose to only decorate the outside in one section and use the rest of our decorations for inside. This way the neighbors can still enjoy something a little spooky and exciting but I can go all out for Halloween for my kids at home- all month long.

Exciting Ways To Celebrate Halloween At Home This Year

The New "Ghosting"

I’m not sure who came up with the clever term, but it’s probably a better use of it’s previous meaning. Many friends are “ghosting” each other by leaving treat bags at their door this year. It’s possibly the best alternative to gift or treat someone while social distancing and also the reverse of trick-or-treating. Clever!

Some of your options for ghosting include making your own treat bag, basket, or even ordering a care package to be delivered to a friend or loved one.

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Halloween Crafts To Do At Home

Crafts can be so much fun and kids absolutely love them, especially when they come with a theme. Here are some ideas and tutorials you can follow:

Dress Up All Month Long

If you can, feel free to splurge on multiple costumes for several days of fun instead of just the one day. You can even dabble with face painting. My kids love dressing up and have an entire dresser dedicated to costumes and accessories that they use all year round.

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Celebrate Virtually

I think we all have had our share with Zoom these past few months, you might even be a pro by now. Plan a kids’ virtual Halloween party during the day and an adult one after bedtime. You can even make it more interesting and do activities together, like decorating pumpkins at the same time, making Halloween themed treats, or play bingo together. Parents, you can play Trivia Murder Party or another awesome virtual Jackbox game.

Pumpkin Decorating

Did you know that pumpkin decorating doesn’t always require cutting the pumpkin? There are so many creative methods for pumpkin decorating and several of them are actually perfect for the little ones. Just to name a few:

Exciting Ways To Celebrate Halloween At Home This Year

Halloween Games And Activities To Do At Home

Sometimes it takes getting your body moving to fall into the spirit of Halloween. These Halloween and fall-themed ideas are a blast:

Halloween Themed Movies, Shows, and Music

So many of us do this every year, but now we can go all out. Halloween movie marathons, show marathons, and dance parties between family members (or virtually) are some of the best ways to get into the Halloween spirit at home.

Exciting Ways To Celebrate Halloween At Home This Year

Download Free Halloween-Themed Printables

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Here’s a list of some awesome free worksheets, activity sheets, and packets for your family to celebrate halloween at home this year.

Exciting Ways To Celebrate Halloween At Home This Year

Candy Hunt

Much like an Easter egg hunt, now you can have a Halloween hunt. It can be a scavenger hunt with or without clues, a glow in the dark game, or by simply scattering candy in little containers across your living room or backyard for your little ones to find. Might also be fun for adults to try after hours, given additional challenges of course.

Trick Or Treating At Home

Who says you have to trick or treat in your neighborhood? Some neighbors leave candy bowls at their door. So why can’t I set up my living room or backyard as many front porches. My plan this year, while having a small gathering with my quarantine family, is to have various decorated candy stations where my kids can trick or treat. Each family member, or even small area, can act as a home within a neighborhood to trick or treat at.

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More Halloween & Halloween At Home Ideas

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Exciting Ways To Celebrate Halloween At Home This Year
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