ez-pz Happy Mats

My personal review of ez-pz Happy Mats.
I wrote this because I highly recommend this product, and although I may get a commission from your clicks, I wrote this review out of my own intent to help others find good products. 

Disclosure: I have included some affiliate links throughout this post. At no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Now that our youngest is growing up a little more we moved her from the highchair to the dining table with the rest of us and needed a decent placemat for her. 

We had a silicone placemat for our son but he was always removing it when his plate wasn’t on top or shifting it around and spilling crumbs all over the place (which we can’t have our dog eating). 

I’ve seen the ez-pz mats in store several times but the price always geared me away and I didn’t love the idea of the plate being the mat itself. We couldn’t find a decent silicone mat and, seeing the amount of popularity with this one, we decided to give it a shot for our daughter. 

After a couple days of using it, and our son showing a few signs of jealousy, we got him one too because honestly, its pretty fantastic! 

It really sticks to the table!!! We have a wood table with inset grains so its not as effective as it could be, but its a million times better than the mat we had before. When I put it on the counter, which is perfectly flat and smooth, I have a hard time removing it. 

I will admit that, because of my table at least, my kids can shift the mat a tiny bit but I am so much happier with a tiny shift rather than spilling things everywhere. 

I like the size of this particular one too because toddlers get their hands dirty when they eat and those hands go at arms reach all over the table. The width of this mat covers the majority of that. 

Also the majority of the mess kids usually spill over their plate from those fine motor skills of using utensils stays within the area of the mat. 

This thing is super easy to clean too. I don’t normally like to hand wash things but I don’t mind washing these between meals. I turn my dishwasher on every night so in they go without any issues! 

Maybe once my kiddos get a hang of eating things like soup on their own I’ll invest in some of the Happy Bowl mats and be able to eliminate some of the plates and bowls I had purchased in the past to make some room in my kitchen drawers.

These are my kids finishing lunch off their mats without needing a tablecloth to cover our expensive and beautiful table (we’re the odd parents that actually try to have nice things). 

And yes, I did have to build a wall of cheerios between them because instead of eating they decided to get along and be silly- mother of multiples problems!

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