Educational Printable for Kids – Easter Theme

For this post, I’ve teamed up with to provide you with a great set of educational resources for Pre-K through 5th graders. Their website is full of printable worksheets, online games, lesson plans and more for parents and teachers.

A lot of their resources are totally free but they offer a lot more with their monthly, annual, and lifetime membership options.

They provided me with this awesome free worksheet for young toddlers to match words to images with an awesome Easter theme. They send me the free download to share with you guys as well! How cool is that?

Let’s hunt for letter sounds in this fun matching words to images Easter activity.
Check out other sound matching activities! Easter Activity Easter Activity

I gave it a try with my 2 & 3 year olds. It was their first time doing anything like this and I had to help them with the reading and but they did fairly well. 

Granted my 2 year old went a little crazy coloring with the crayon while I helped my 3 year old, who actually understood. It was a great start for a fun little educational activity for us and I honestly cannot wait to try these again.

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