Easy To Use Chalk, An Honest Review Of Chalkola

Are you tired of chalk dust? You draw one little thing and you leave behind so much dust and when you try to clean it off it leaves the whole surface area full of chalk powder. This perfectionist mamma just won’t have it.

But I’ve recently discovered the power of chalk markers with Chalkola. They don’t leave a huge mess and are easy to wipe clean, lifesaver!

Chalkola sent me their Chalkboard Easel and set of 30 Chalk Markers in exchange for this honest and unbiased review. 

If you’re considering their products, scroll down for a great discount.

Easy To Use Chalk, An Honest Review Of Chalkola

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Chalkola's Chalkboard Easel

About the Chalkboard Easel

The easel is made with a solid wood frame and a smooth chalkboard surface. It has a fold-out kickstand, a small front holding tray, and the surface is magnetic. How cool is that!?

Chalkola's Chalkboard Easel Review

In all honesty, I have few complaints of this product.

PROS– The surface is very smooth and easy to write on. And the front holding tray and kickstand are great bonus features. At first, I didn’t realize the board was magnetic but then I got to playing around with it and now I have even more use for the board as a stay at home mom.

CONS– If I were to nitpick, my only concern is that the board cannot be laid flat because of the kickstand.

The kids and I loved playing with our letter and alphabet magnets this way!

Chalkola's Chalk Markers

About the Chalk Markers

I’ve tried a set of chalk markers before but I wasn’t too pleased. Their colors were okay, their ink didn’t last long, and clean up was okay but you could still see what was drawn even after it was perfectly cleaned off. However, Chalkola’s product left me at aw.

If you’re not familiar with chalk markers, they’re a replacement for chalk sticks but use ink. So they have brighter colors, don’t produce any dust, don’t smudge easily, and should be an easier cleanup. These markers require shaking and pressing down on the tip until the ink comes out, as did these.

Chalkola's Chalk Markers Review

I loved the markers!

PROS– The 30 marker set has so many variations of colors and tones, such as pastel, brights, neons, and more. They’re so easy to use and the ink comes out very smoothly, just be careful not to press too much or it will splatter. Because markers are ink-based, your artwork doesn’t smudge easily or leave dust residue after it dries. Cleanup is also breeze. With a clean wet cloth and a few quick wipe downs, you have a brand new looking board.

CONS– Like some other brands, a few colors tend to leave a mark. Despite wiping off clean, at certain angles and lighting, you may notice a hint of a previous drawing. My yellow sun is still slightly visible.

Don't You Just Love a Great Product

I know I do! We have a full chalkboard wall in the kid’s room and haven’t used it too much recently because of all the dust chalk produces. Finally, we have the perfect solution and a travel-sized board that’s magnetic too!

Discount Code

You can get your very own Chalkola products and use my 10% off discount code: PAULA10

Easy To Use Chalk, An Honest Review Of Chalkola
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July 4, 2020 3:10 pm

It seems to be a great product for kids!!!