How To Make Non Slip Socks – A Simple DIY Project

When our babies start to stand, cruise, and learn to walk socks can become a slippery issue. In my home we don’t wear shoes inside. I figured out a way around the slippage, with DIY non slip socks for my toddlers. 

I expected to only do this for their learning-to-walk stages but we ended up loving it so much that I still do it. Toddlers are runners, and they’re always distracted. Non slip socks make our lives a little easier, especially if you have slippery floors.

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What You Need For DIY Non Slip Socks

Every time I buy my toddlers new socks I cover my counter for my fabric paint DIY project. My kids already know what I’m about to do and get excited to see their brand new painted socks.

For this easy DIY non slip socks project you’ll need two things:

  1. Socks
  2. Dimensional Fabric Paints (bottles with with tip)

For socks, my babies were always chunky so we always liked looser socks with low cuts. My go-to socks are from the Cat & Jack collection at Target, like these.

If you’re looking to try something new with fabric paints, there’s no need to invest heavily and a small set of paints will do the trick. However if you’re interested in doing multiple projects with fabric paints (like painting other clothing) I’d suggest getting a good collection of paints.

non slip socks

Patterns And Designs For Non Slip Socks

You’ll want to focus on the important zones on one’s foot to make the socks actually non slip. Cover the toe and the heel for better grip because that’s where feet mostly touch the ground, not the arch.

When it comes to painting designs for non slip socks with fabric paint, some patterns don’t last as long as others. For example, small dots and thin lines tend to peel off after a few uses and smaller patterns are more time consuming.

Thick dots and fun patterns tend to work better. Kids love fun, inspiring words and large colorful patterns.

non slip socks

Choosing The Right Paint For Non Slip Socks

My experience with fabric paints extended to painting more detailed designs on onesies. I made several for my kids and for anyone I knew expecting a baby. They made the perfect newborn gift.

I’ve gotten to understand how each paint dries based on thickness, which ones need multiple coats for making non slip socks, and which ones just don’t stick.

Anything with glitter won’t work for slip proofing, and I find that the neon ones are the best because they don’t need as many coats.

I make them thick enough that they’ll serve their purpose but not too thick that they’ll never dry.

The paints take at least a few hours to dry. And then I check and test them to see if I need to do a second coat.

Once the paint touches the fabric it cannot be removed so if you smudge or make mistakes, try covering it up with more paint.

My favorite set of paints to use are Tulip’s Dimensional Neon Fabric Paints.

easy DIY Non-Slip Socks for Kids
fabric painting

Stress Relieving Hobby

This has become a hobby for me. An added benefit to doing this is that it helps to relieve stress. I like to take my time in perfecting these but it relaxes me just when I need it.


what do you do for slippery socks?
what kind of projects do you enjoy with fabric paints?

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This is such a creative solution to a common problem. Great idea! Thanks for sharing


What a fantastic idea! I always end up paying a premium for those socks at sky zone. Not only would this be a fun project but also so useful!


What a great idea! And such a fun thing to do during summer.


Clever idea! My little guy isn’t walking yet, but I love this idea. Pinning it!

Neha Sharma

This is such a brilliant idea. I could’ve never thought of doing this, you are such a creative mom. I am definitely going to try this now. Thanks for sharing!

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