Crocodile Creek Dinosaur Junior Jigsaw Puzzle

My personal review of Crockodile Creek Dinosaur Junior Jigsaw Puzzle.

I wrote this because I highly recommend this product, and although I may get a commission from your clicks, I wrote this review out of my own intent to help others find good products. 

Disclosure: I have included some affiliate links throughout this post. At no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Dinosaur 72 piece Puzzle 14" x 19"

We got this for our son just last week because he has recently come to love doing jigsaw puzzles and need something a little more difficult than the usual toddler ones. 

This set is aged for 6 years and up with 72 pieces. 

We thought it would be too much for him and that it would take him a good deal of time. Turns out it was perfect and just what he needed. 

The pieces are unbelievably well made! 

I put it together myself to try it out (also because I love puzzles) and these pieces are durable for toddlers because they are made of a chunky board. 

The image quality is also fantastic, very colorful. 

The graphics are also very appealing and makes it easier to assemble (no solid colored pieces). 

The puzzle also comes in a cool box to store the puzzle pieces. 

We have purchased more puzzles from this company since because they’re such great quality! They sell various different kinds and sizes for different ages.

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