Preschool Workbook Review: Building Thinking Skills, Beginning 2

With the pandemic, a lot of parents are resorting to homeschooling their young children. We’re in year two of Florida Virtual School with my first grader, but it’s all up to me for my preschooler. When I discovered the Building Thinking Skills workbook I was thrilled!

Now I feel more comfortable and confident in preparing my 4-year-old for Kindergarten next year. This will be our main guide for Pre-K homeschool learning this year.

In exchange for our honest review, we received a complimentary copy of Building Thinking Skills, Beginning 2.

Preschool Workbook Review: Building Thinking Skills, Beginning 2

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What is the Building Thinking Skills Workbook?

The Critical Thinking Co. has a full series of Building Thinking Skills workbooks from PreK-12+. So far, we have the Beginning 2 book, for ages 4-5.

The workbook has 240 pages of “question and answer activities to improve academic performance.” What I love about it is that they cover age-appropriate skills and concepts in a simple manner.

You can get the workbook as part of Timberdoodle’s Preschool Curriculum, or individually as well.

Preschool Workbook Review: Building Thinking Skills, Beginning 2

What Does It Teach?

The Building Thinking Skills Beginner 2 book includes a list of thinking skills included within the lessons. “The activities in this book also develop observation and critical thinking skills necessary for success in reading, writing, math, and science.”

But, even though we’ve only gotten through the first 30 pages so far, I’ve created my own as well. Your child will learn various different concepts:

  • Shape recognition based on sides and vertices
  • Understand object relationships based on rules
  • Compare and contrast different objects by shape, color or size
  • Compare value
  • Understand sequences and patterns
  • Object placement
  • Understand different types of lines

Age Appropriate Learning

Though the cover may fool you by not looking as appealing as a fun workbook for preschoolers, once you crack it open you’ll see that it is.

The Building Thinking Skills workbooks clearly have both the parents and the children in mind. Our Beginner 2 book is perfectly age-appropriate.

Pages are formatted into very simply illustrated questions with minimal text for instruction and primary colors. On average there are 1-3 questions per page. 

The logic questions will ask your child to circle an object, draw a line, color in objects, and think critically about why things are a certain way. 

This workbook sets your child up for successful learning without memorization tactics and encouraging them to verbalize their thinking.

How to Use the Building Thinking Skills Workbook

The first few pages of the workbook cover not only the Table Of Contents but a few basics of the book and how to use it.

It states, “Focus on their hard work and provide help (rather than answers) if the student is seems stuck. Encouraging students’ thinking and problem-solving skills will help them build confidence and self-esteem as they progress to more challenging activities.”

Basically, they want you to have fun with it and help your child enjoy learning and building up their self-confidence.

Preschool Workbook Review: Building Thinking Skills, Beginning 2

Our Experience With Building Thinking Skills Beginning 2 So Far

I’ve sat with my 4-year-old a few times over the summer and at the start of our new school year to work through several of the activities and so far we’ve really enjoyed it.

I see her mind processing the questions and searching for the right answers. And she feels so proud when she works through the answers.

It’s been very rewarding for both of us. I can finally feel confident in preparing her for Kindergarten, having very minimal homeschooling or teaching experience.

It’s exciting because the workbook covers topics that a 4 and 5-year-old may already know without realizing it and extends that into a critical thinking problem-solving activity. I see her developing the skills she’ll need for Kindergarten next year, for math, reading, and writing without it being overwhelming for either of us.

Along with our crafts and activities, this workbook is perfect for PreK learning.

You can get the workbook as part of Timberdoodle’s Preschool Curriculum, or individually as well.

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Preschool Workbook Review: Building Thinking Skills, Beginning 2
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