19 Fantastic Must Have Items For Your Baby Registry

Shopping for baby and toddler stuff can get really tricky and expensive. With new products out in the market, there’s a lot of trial and error for determining which ones are half decent or really worth having. Take my word for it, I’ve been through my fair share of shitty products, but these are all worth having on your baby registry to ease your life as a parent.

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Where should I get a Baby Registry?

These days, you don’t need to leave the house to set up a baby registry. Some places will even give you a free gifts when you set up a registry with them.

Buy Buy Baby,Target, and Amazon are my top three places to register.

Amazon being my number one because they really have everything A-to-Z, ship everything, and have great online service. It’s also really easy for other people to find your baby registry, buy things from it, and ship directly to you with gift receipts.

Amazon will also send you a a great free welcome box for registering with them, delivered straight to you. Make sure you request it though when you sign up.

My Baby Registry Favorites

I can help you determine your baby necessities if you’re a first-time parent or just need a little help filtering through baby registries.

But for now, these are 19 items that I would highly recommend putting on your baby registry for you and your child.

19 Baby Registry Favorite Must Haves

1. Skip Hop Forma Diaper Backpack

Moms and babies have a lot of needs so getting the right diaper bag is essential. Most are heavy side bags that don’t fit a lot but do cost a lot.

This diaper bag is affordable, lightweight, easy to clean, and fits a lot of stuff. And the best part is, it’s a backpack!

An added benefit is that its not too feminine either so men can feel comfortable using the same bag.

I use this backpack every day to carry for two children and myself, it is my purse when I go out with the kids. I can fit everything we need on an average day.

2. aden+Anais Muslin Swaddle Blankets

Newborns also need to be swaddled for soothing comfort, it reminds them of the womb and keeps them extra warm.

Aden+Anais makes the perfect baby fabrics because they use super soft, breathable cotton muslin. They also make pajamas, sheets, and burp cloths out of the same material.

I’m in love with their Swaddle Blankets because they are extremely versatile, soft, and have the cutest patterns. It’s really hard to pick just one or two sets, which is all you should need for one child.

They can be used as swaddles, blankets, nursing cover, burping cloth, stroller cover, changing table sheet, or basically anything else you can think of. Including a toga outfit for when your baby has a massive blowout and you don’t have any spare clothes with you (my personal #momhack).

Another great product you might want to consider or bookmark for later are sleep sacks. They’re basically a swaddle, but in a sack, so your child has room to move around inside it but is still kept snug and warm.

3. Footed Pj's

Newborns need minimal clothing, mainly enough to get between laundry days, which as a new parent will probably be daily because of spit up and diaper blowouts. 

They need soft fabrics and full coverage to keep warm, so footed pajamas are going to be your best friend because you won’t need to buy as many onesies, pants, and socks. They even call them “sleep and play” outfits instead of just pajamas.

I particularly love the ones with fold-up mittens built in for newborns.

4. Medela Freestyle Breast pump & Hands free Pumping Bra

A first-time mom may ask, do I really need a pump if I plan on breastfeeding as a SAHM? And the answer is yes! 

There will be times when you will need reserve milk (date night, taking turns with baby at night, going to work etc) and that’s where pumping comes in.

portable electric double breast pump is definitely the way to go if you plan on nursing. 

This set even comes with a side tote, extra bottles, and a mini cooler. I’d also recommend getting milk storage bags and a hands free pumping bra.

5. Nest Indoor Camera + Vtech Sound Monitor

The Nest Indoor Camera is designed to be used as a security camera but it’s ingenuity became extremely useful to parents as well.

This camera needs to be connected to a direct power source and wi-fi. It’s viewed from any digital device, via the Nest App or Nest Home website. The app can also show multiple cameras simultaneously for parents of multiples.

It can be placed just about anywhere, whether attached to their magnetic mounting base or standing on it’s own. You can manually tilt it, turn it, move it to a different spot and set your zoom on their free App. 

The video quality is fantastic and has amazing night vision. It also includes audio and you can talk function.

The App provides notification options for both sound and motion. Additionally, with a monthly subscription to Nest Aware, can save recordings to their cloud for a certain amount of days of backlog. 

Amazing as this Camera is, I’d also recommend having a basic real-time audio monitor. They’re a perfect backup for when the internet lags or is down, as well as for night time- when you’re asleep and can hear your child prior to checking your device.

6. Moonlight & Melodies Nightlight OWl Soother

This awesome baby product is a nightlight, sound monitor, and a star projector all in one.

I got this for my second child but wished I had something like this for my first when he was born. 

I used this on my nightstand every time I nursed and put my newborn down to sleep through the night. It also came in handy for nighttime diaper changes rather than fully waking up our baby with the bright lights. 

We still use it to this day because my kids love looking up at the stars. We even take it with us when go out of town. It’s not too big and can be plugged in anywhere.

7. wubbanub infant pacifier

As a first-time mom I thought these were one of those things that was cute but maybe not so practical but when I realized how differently my newborn reacted to this as opposed to a regular pacifier, I purchased more. 

The Wubbanub is basically the Philips Avent Soothie Pacifier with a plush animal attached. It’s a simple product but it’s got great hype and with good reason.

A an infant, with a regular pacifier, dozes off to sleep it slips out of their mouth. And you are left with a frustrated, crying infant who needs to be soothed back to sleep. But the Wubbanub’s plush animal helps keep the pacifier up in place. It reduces a lot of that frustration of a waking baby that just finally fallen asleep.

Bot my kids took extremely well to these. My daughter really bonded with her elephant and I had to manually remove the pacifier when it was time. It is literally her best friend and needs to be washed regularly because it goes everywhere with her.

8. Skip Hop Foam Floor Tiles

Foam mats are a mom’s best friend when it comes to child safety at home. They’re ideal for both baby and toddler stages and do a great job of decorating your space as an added bonus.

My kids are now toddlers and I still find them entirely useful. In fact, I’m not sure how old they’ll be when I do decide to get rid of them. We like them so much and they add to the decor.

What’s great about them is that they can be assembled however you want. And, since they come in different colors and shapes, there are many ways of assembling patterns.

As my kids grow up, I frequently rearrange their toys and furniture. Sometimes it requires me to reassemble the floor tiles accordingly and it’s so easy. 

When we changed our two year old’s crib to have a toddler rail, we reassembled the tiles to have a section of coverage just under the bed in case he fell out. After that, my DIY bed bumper kept him safe on the bed.

For a party, I once moved all the foam tiles from one room into my living room and it was great!

9. The Play gym by Lovevery

Every infant enjoys a tummy time play mat for most of their first year. This one actually grows with your child.

Lovevery’s Play Gym has five different development zones, removable accessories for stage based learning, and a developmental play guide for parents. It even converts into a play fort for toddlers.

Setup, storage, and cleaning is easy, as it can be easily put up or taken down, folded up, and spot cleaned or machine washed.

10. Tiny Love Cozy Rocker Napper

This 3-in-1 Rocker Napper has three reclining positions and is great for lounging, rocking, napping, and sitting. 

It’s small, lightweight, and easily portable. The mobile arm can rotate or be removed and plays music with lights. The fabrics are soft, removable, and machine washable.

I used it as a bassinet for a while and would move it around the house for baby to stay close to me during the day. You can even use it as an infant feeding chair.

11. Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing

A baby swing on your baby registry can be a really beneficial luxury rather than an essential.

This is one of the simplest swings on the market and the price reflects. It basically just sits your infant and swings them from side to side to relax them. It has multiple speed options, sound options, a mobile, and a vibration option as well. 

There are also other versions by Graco or other companies that have additional perks, like multiple swaying directions, rocking, different seating positions etc.

Swings are perfect for when you’re struggling to get a tired infant to fall asleep. I abused my baby swing more with my second child than my first. It was where I’d leave her to nap while I could distract my toddler quietly in the other room. 

12. STroller Organizer

Strollers are great, and super tricky to shop for, but most of them don’t have enough front storage space for mom and child. That’s where a universal stroller organizer comes in to save the day.

They can be easily attached to the handlebar of any stroller and store all your essentials (bottles, phone, wallet, glasses, toys, wipes etc). It’s even insulated to keep your things cool.

13. 4moms Breeze Playard

This playard is a simpler version than the average pack and play out in the market but it was designed to be extremely easy to assemble- and it really is! 

Assembling is as easy as setting it down on the floor and opening it by pushing down the center handle with one hand, or closing it back up by pulling the same handle. And packing it up isn’t complicated either, it even comes with a carrying case.

It comes with a bassinet insert, the bassinet pad, crib pad, and carrying case for the entire thing. The surrounding mesh is durable yet perfectly transparent so you can keep an eye on your kids. 

I’ve used mine as a travel crib, a transitional crib before my child moved to their own room, and as a playpen while I would cook. My two kids fit in it with plenty of room for toys. 

15. nosefrida NAsal Aspirator

Everyone gets boogies when they’re sick. But a child doesn’t learn to blow their nose until about two years old so us parents have to help them relieve the extra mucus.

Until a few years ago, the common method was to use a bulb syringe that would suction it into the bulb. The problem with it is that it isn’t ideal because it’s hard to get in their noses, it’s scary for them, and it’s hard to clean out. 

Hospitals and first-aid kids still provide these bulbs but us modern moms now use the amazing NoseFrida. This nasal aspirator is like a suction vacuum. Instead of holding baby with one hand and syringe with the other, you lay your child down, place one end of the NoseFrida in their nostril, and suck the other end with your mouth.


It sounds gross but it’s safe and does nothing will pass through the filter and into your mouth. Other than using a Neti Pot, the NoseFrida is a much better alternative to boogie removal. Your child will be breathing a lot better after a good cleanup.

Also, invest in Boogie Wipes instead of tissues. They have natural saline to help remove more mucus and protect the skin.

16. Boone Countertop Drying Rack

This drying rack is designed for holding all those bottle parts upright and in a space-saving way.

My husband convinced me to buy it and I fell in love with it, I use it for everything, not just baby stuff. It’s awesome for drying or storing knives too!

And it’s super cute too! It brings a beautiful pop of color to my kitchen and keeps everything organized.

17. Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Cup

At some point your child will need to upgrade from a baby bottle to a sippy cup. This transition is usually recommended around age year of age. Most sippy cups come with a straw or a spout, they also cause dental concern as well as hygenic issues for cleaning hard to reach parts.

The Munchkin Miracle 360 Cups have revolutioned sippy cups. They are dentist-approved cups that can be sipped all the way around, like a regular cup but will not spill. These 360 cups are super easy to take apart and clean and have no small parts. 

Munchkin even make different sizes, with or without handles, and adult versions too (because we love them so much). I love that these can grow with your child so you can still use them for on-the-go or for yourself.

18. OXO Tot Silicone Roll-Up Bib

Personally, these bibs are one of my favorite inventions ever and I really wish I had gotten them from the very beggining. But instead I went through multiple shitty bibs that didn’t keep my child clean or stay on because the velcro would come right off.

These bibs are partially made of silicone and fabric. This makes it super easy to clean but not too heavy for your child to wear. The velcro area is adjustable so you can use it for any infant or toddler and is strong enough that it won’t rip off easily.

The silicone pocket is food safe and actually catches food and crumbs. I even use it as a snack plate so my kids can eat straight out of it. What’s more exciting is that they roll up and snap closed for easy storage. It’s so portable that you only need one bib per child.

They’re not the cheapest bibs in the market but they’re definitely worth it. I should know, I’ve spent a lot of money on crappy bibs I ended up dumping. OXO Tot even has a Gift Set that includes the bib, ice trays, food storage containers, a snack container, spoons, and a sippy cup for a great deal.

19. Phil&Teds Highchair

The phil&teds Poppy Highchair is simple, elegant and modern, easy to use and and easy to clean.

It’s not your average heavy, bulky or padded chair with a million parts and tricks for usage. It’s simple, you put your kid,  they eat, you take them out, and you wipe clean. You can even take it apart and store it easily in a closet.

The seat is a full soft removable rubber piece that easily wipes clean. The tray is also removable and easy to clean.  

The legs are detachable so it can be used as a high chair or a child’s chair, with or without the the tray stem.

The only flaw, and issue I have, with this chair are the legs. They’re so far apart that they become a tripping hazard. We had ours tucked behind the table, but if you’re looking for something similar to place in an area with a lot of foot traffic, try the Boone Flair Highchair instead.

19 Baby Registry Top Picks

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May 8, 2019 12:34 pm

I love these tips! I think the wubbanub is so important. None of my kids would take a pacifier but they all loved that one!

May 8, 2019 1:25 pm

I had a lot of these items for my son! They were definitely useful and I’m glad that I had them on my registry. Great list !

Brittany Fiero
May 8, 2019 11:51 pm

Everything on here is so necessary. I wish I would’ve asked for 100 pairs of footed pajamas. They are so handy and my son sleeps best in them, even as a toddler. We have gone through so many pairs.

May 9, 2019 3:36 pm

These are some great ideas to add to a baby registry! A few items I had on mine as well.

May 12, 2019 12:13 am

I have most of these items for my babies. The Eden + Anais swaddle blankets are AMAZING…Can’t live without them and the swing as well. Lifesaver!