$3 DIY Toddler Bed Bumper

Our son is about to turn 3 so for his birthday we wanted to upgrade him from a crib with toddler rail to an adult sized (twin) bed. He’s outgrowing his crib and we were lucky his came with a toddler rail so its definitely time for the upgrade. 

Besides cost, our biggest concern was him falling off a much larger and higher bed.

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We’ve had a few issues with him falling off the crib, despite the crib rail, at first but now that we got him a larger bed that’s much higher and without a rail we’ve been a little concerned. 

When we were planning our shopping list for all the things we needed for his bed I had picked out a removable toddler rail meant for larger beds but when I installed it it didn’t fit right with the bed frame. We decided to use a pool noodle instead. 

I had done this before on the toddler crib when he was falling off, so I used the same noodle. 

I placed a pool noodle under his sheets on the edge of the bed and some pillows on the floor for a few days but this morning I woke up to him falling off while rolling to the side. Its heartbreaking. 

Returning the bed isn’t an option and getting a rail isn’t what we want at the moment. 

I did see some pillow type bed bumpers on the market online running for about $25-$40 each but since we just spent way over $600 on the entire bed (frame, mattress, sheets, covers, pillow…. that shit adds up way too fast) I was looking for the cheapest and easiest temporary solution.

If you do prefer to buy something, this one I was considering before making my own. 

If you do prefer to buy something, this one I was considering before making my own. 

So I resorted back to the original pool noodle idea, except this time I got 3 and stacked them into a triangle. Slide through below to see the process.

 I went to the Dollar Store and picked up 3 random pool noodles (each $1), and of course they have tons since its Summer, taped them together into a triangle, and inserted them under the mattress protector (if you don’t have one you can just put it under the fitted sheet).

The original pool noodle idea is great but one was not enough to keep him from rolling off, which is why I decided to stack three of them to form a taller barrier. 

I don’t think he’ll be falling out now!


What do you guys do for this type of situation?

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Anna Conrad

This is a great idea. My daughter is almost three and we are getting closer to transitioning her to a big girls bed. I have never seen anything like this before and for only 3$!

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