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What You Really Need for Baby Shopping

Congrats, you're expecting a baby! So you're bringing a child into this world and everyone is telling you what you need for the baby. If you're a first time parent you're finding lists from magazines, stores, and online and guess what? A lot of it is just marketing!Companies benefit from advising toward specific items or category of things that most people may not even need. They take advantage of first time parents who are overwhelmed and don't know what to expect. Here's a typical list from I'm a mommy of two, of both sexes no less, and I can tell you now I didn't need or get half of these things. But unlike most lists, the website which I used to create this list …

Why I Love Shopping for My Kids at Target

When you have kids, you find yourself often buying clothes for your growing children. Target has such cute stuff that it can easily become an addiction that leads you to spend hundreds at a time for clothes that might be outgrown in a matter of months. I've fallen in love with Target for this reason, their prices are reasonable and their clothing quality and selection is great. Disclosure: I have included some affiliate links throughout this post. At no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. Everyone jokes about their trips to Target being for one or two items and walking out with a full cart, and it's so true! I love …

A Day at Disney World With Toddlers

For our son's 3rd birthday we planned a family trip to Magic Kingdom for one day as a family of 7. This post is how I planned for our trip for 5 adults and 2 toddlers under the age of 3, how our day actually went, and some tips if you're planning a trip of your own.(This is a long post but it is very informative.) Both my husband and I have been living in South Florida since we were kids, so Disney has always been very close and I have always been in love with theme parks and I love roller coasters.At one point in my later childhood, my mom and I had seasonal passes and would go regularly on …

Grocery Shopping with my Babies

As a parent of two young toddlers, I've faced some struggles when it comes to grocery shopping. I'll admit they weren't as disastrous as some stories I've heard over the years. But with two kids the logistics of it got a little complicated for a while, and some days one or …

Toddler Gift Guide for 1 Year Olds

As a child nears the end of infancy they start to develop a lot more interest in objects and toys. So much changes for children between 12-18 months and 18-24 months. With the right set of toys they can explore and learn things on their own. They go from crawling to walking, …

Why I Narrate To My Kids

I often narrate what I'm doing or what I'm about to do to prepare my kids for what to expect. I usually break things down into steps. I started this to prevent a tantrum when something happens out of their expectation but it helps tremendously in enlarging their communication and …

Baby & Toddler Water Gear

It's Summertime, which means most of us are trying to survive this heat by spending time by the pool or water. Here are some Baby and Toddler Essentials for pool and water activities. Swimwear You can find baby & toddler sizes for swimwear anywhere you buy children's clothing, however I personally prefer …

Raising My Kids Trilingual

My husband and I come from mixed backgrounds and both migrated to the U.S.A. as young children. Our children were born here but we're raising them trilingual with the combined three languages we speak on a regular basis. People have warned us against teaching our children more than one language at …

Raising 2 Kids Under 2

I always wanted to have kids close in age and I was lucky enough that our first child was very calm and easy going as a baby that we could try for our second. Our son was just 15 months old when our daughter was born. With the exception of …

The Birth of My Second Child via Planned C-Section

This is my personal story about the birth of my daughter, who was born via planned c-section just 15 months after my emergency c-seciton of our son. Our firstborn came to us via emergency c-section and 15 months later we were having baby number two! My doctor highly recommended a planned …

Toddler Birthday Parties

My little guy (our oldest) is turning 3 soon and I’ve been reminiscing. I just came across some pictures from his birthday last year and figured I’d put it together in a post.Disclosure: I have included some affiliate links throughout this post. At no additional cost to you, I will …

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